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  1. enahs

    Rear brake pedal and bar ends

    lowercasee, sorry dude...I looked and looked for that Bar end, and I just can't find it. It must of been on my work bench for 6 months, and now I can't seem to find it. If it shows up I'll definetly send it to you though. In the interim... I orderd my aluminum ones from the local Suzuki dealer they were about 8$. Sorry again.
  2. enahs

    Rear brake pedal and bar ends

    I have a stock bar end I'll just mail you. I lost one on the trail this spring & bought a set of aluminum ones so I still have one stocker layin' on my bench. If you want send me postal info to shanetraci@insightbb.com; if you want to re-imburse me for postage after you get it,that's fine, but it's no big deal.
  3. I'm runnin the MT21's on my dr650,and they are far superior to the trail wings off road; and I still do 80mph with them on the highway. Granted I put them on a couple months ago and only got about two weeks of riding before all the snow and salt. I did take the bike for a short spin in the snow about five weeks ago, but that was just to fight cabin fever. Only made it around the block in 2nd and I was skiing with my boots most of the time.