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  1. FlynLow

    who likes my bike?

    Nope sorry LOL
  2. FlynLow

    First Try Helmet Cam Vid.

    Thanks we do have fun while riding.
  3. My first try with my son's new helmet cam. I think the first half is alright. Let me know what you think even if it sucks! P.S. Sorry about the song. But it made me laugh :thumbsup:
  4. FlynLow

    Arena Racing In South Dakota

    When I race it feels really small. I have a hard time committing to the larger jumps. Most of them are very doable outdoors just intimidating inside.
  5. I would like to know how our indoor track compares to other tracks?
  6. FlynLow

    My pics Of The RCSD Endurocross

    Here is a couple more. This is my son.
  7. FlynLow

    My pics Of The RCSD Endurocross

    About 5 of the pro's were doubling the stepup The start of the pro class The finish of the pro class,big pile up. The racing was really tight.
  8. This is how they started the sport quads. More to come:applause:
  9. FlynLow

    Endurocross Helmet Cam Video

    They called it a waterfall!
  10. FlynLow

    bottomed out

    Here's me finding the bottom.
  11. FlynLow

    who has the best crash?

    Two pics just before hitting the ground
  12. FlynLow

    who has the best crash?

    Here's my digger.
  13. Here is an other one of me doing a GET OFF today. Just some road rash is all I got from this one.
  14. Yes it did , and I sore and stiffer by the end of the day:applause: