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  1. should get a crower 14 compression. good to go.
  2. honda didnt do anything wrong. maybe u just dont no how to start ur bike. mine starts first kick when hot and first 3 kicks when cold. so dont blame honda when there are some of us with no problems.
  3. mine starts 1st kick every time. dont no wat ur talkin about.
  4. how much hp is it pushing?
  5. my machanic said that they are all hard to start. so its just not urs. but they are super fast, and put out more hp then the ktm this year.
  6. yeah i want to no that to...
  7. even tho i am getin one. y does the rear end look so high? it could just be the picture.
  8. yeah they are super nice. i dont have a honda, but when i did i loved them. i am going back for 08 and get the yoshi setup again. and all that wat i named off.
  9. i would recomend; crower cam port polish power now power now + vortex ignition high compression piston exhaust
  10. go with the yosh system. way better quality and yes the vortex is a good up grade. then go with a crower cam and high compression piston. u will notice the biggest difference.
  11. nice, cant wait to get my 08 either. hahaha. were u raicing this weekend ryan?
  12. i wonder if it will come with the titanium header?
  13. ok, well i have hurd from a very close machanic from honda that they mite have efi and electric start. maybe not true but he used to work for subway honda.
  14. no. joe oloff was riding one at the canadian and A1 race. but mike alessi will be riding a 450 in the outdoors. but he will be riding the 125 east and then moving up to the 450 after. josh
  15. i got those graphics from the same guy for my 06 250f. really nice bike.