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    Yay New Bike!!!

    Do you know what changes they made to the jetting at the dealership? I just bought the same bike, have not had it out yet except for a couple of short around the block heat cycling rides! Next step is jetting and lubing all the bearings! Congrats on the new bike!
  2. Vinniezx12r

    Upgrade from 2000 - 426 to 2008 - 450?

    Thanks for verifying all I have heard guys. I was really thinking about the KLX until I started hearing the YZ reviews! Sounds like it's just the ticket.
  3. I'm ready for a new bike and looking for a little feedback from anyone who might know. I currently ride a 2000 YZ426, mostly trails, but every once in a while I hit the MX track. With the 426, my biggest issue is the front end push. I'm currently running a soft aggressive tire, 11 to 12 psi, with the fork tubes raised a bit. The changes have helped substantially, but the bike still is a handful in the woods due to front end push. So, I'm considering either a new '08 YZ450, or the new KLX 450. Can anyone give me a comparison on the 426 vs the new YZ450 on the trails? Does the front end stay glued a bit better? I had a '99 KX 250 before getting the 426, and the 2-stroke stuck like glue! I was hoping the new YZ450 was a big step in this direction (as compared to the 426). Thanks for any impressions you can provide!