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  1. does anyone have a pipe for a 1993 or 1994 yz250 they are selling
  2. yz250rider


    is there any difrences between the 2000 and 2002 yz426.I already know the 2002 has titanium valves that ome stock.but the 2000 comes with stanless steal valves.wich valve is better.and where can you find valves for the 426.and is there any yz426 websites
  3. yz250rider

    looking at yz426f

    i am whanting to buy a yz426f.if anyone is selling one let me know.and also do the 426 have anything thats bad about them.do the motors in them last long
  4. yz250rider

    wich one to buy

    i am looking to get a honda cr 250 thats green sticker in ca i know that 2002 is the last green sticker year and whant to know wich one is better 2002 cr250 or 2000/2001 cr250. i like the 2002 cr becuse it looks like the plastic is the same as the 06 cr.i also heard that on the 2002 the whent to the rc valve.also some people have said that the low end power is not good.i whant to know more about bothe these years and she what ones better
  5. yz250rider

    XR 50 won't stay running

    the same thing happend to me.i would change the spark plug.becuse sometimes when a spark plug goes bad it will spark but not spark when supposed to or it miss is a spark.
  6. yz250rider

    help on a 1988 cr250

    i would like to know if 1992 front forks and triple clamps will fit on my bike
  7. i am looking to find a pipe that is really loud for a xr 50
  8. yz250rider

    XR50 Swingarm length?

    if your going to buy a swing arm go and buy apw80 swingarm they are longer than stock buy 1 1/4
  9. yz250rider

    what year yz 250 ??

    i would go with a 1989 yz250 they have a lot of power the have upside down forks and a single rear shock so it not old looking and its cheap and you can still buy hop up parts for it
  10. yz250rider

    pw 80

    for the pw80 yamahalube is the best
  11. yz250rider


    the yz250 is a good bike in the wood stock the only thing that is bad is that the rear tire likes to spin alot
  12. yz250rider

    Ideas on Smashed Pipe

    i think xxDISENGAGExx is the best idiea it works great
  13. yz250rider

    How was the 1989 yz250?

    the 1989 yz250 is a fast and powerfull bike i race it and i can beat guys on brand new 250s some 450s
  14. yz250rider

    best pipe for 88kit w/race head??

    anything will work with that pipe but if i wear you i would buy the factory 4 big bore pipe for it
  15. yz250rider

    The Future Of Dirt Bikes

    that is the gayest thing i have seen