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  1. Thanks contractor.
  2. well i tried the website nothing there.
  3. I Have A 'o6 Crf 450 With A Vortex Ignition, But I Lost The Map Settings. Does Any One Know The 10 Settings Or Have A Link Where I Can Download It? Orlando
  4. Hey just wondering what the best after market clutch plates are best to use for my 06, 450r. Thanks
  5. Let's see...Hell Ya! 06 crf 450 01 kodiak 02polaris 04 crf 50
  6. Hey guys, just wondering if anybody knows where i can get my motor ported and polished in Texas? I have an 06crf 450. Thanks, Orlando
  7. Hey guys, I have an o6 crf 450 with a stock motor and a fmf 4.1 exhaust. I'm thinking about buying a vortex ignition. Does it really help or just a waste of money? If so what are the best settings at 3600 ft sea level? Thanks, Orlando
  8. Hey, I'm wondering if anybody is using octane booster or race fuel for general riding , if so what is best for a stock 06 crf450. orlando
  9. Altus Oklahoma and Texas!!!
  10. Hey, I've been reading about the MRD exhaust from you guys, and I'm wondering if they have a website or phone number. I have an 06 crf 450 with an fmf 4.1 full exhaust, from what you guys wright the MRD is hands down the best. Thinking of selling the fmf and buying a MRD. Thank, Orlando
  11. Hey, you mentioned that you turned the screw all the way out, you need to turn the screw in to get more bite.
  12. Anybody know how to remove a seized bolt from the shroud to the gas tank? The square inset piece turns with the ****in bolt. Orlando
  13. What's up? I'm wondering if the Barnett carbon fiber clutch plates are any better than the std. barnett plates. Has anybody tried them. I have an 2006 crf 450 that needs new plates. Thanks, Orlando
  14. I'm Wondering What After Market Bolts Are Best? I Know Of Tekbolt And Like Them But I Found Another Brand Spekbolt On Ebay And Wonder If They Are Any Good. Thanks, Orlando
  15. What's up? I just did the stage 1 ap mod. on my 2006 crf450. I still get the bog coming out of a corner when I snap the throttle but not as bad. The motor is stock with a fmf 4.1 full exhaust and a quick shot. The service techs. at boyeson suggest a richer pilot jet from stock (42 stock). I have turned the fuel screw out 2.5 turns with the same results. I'm at 3600 ft sea level. Should I install a richer pilot? Or what? Orlando