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  1. MARATHON: Jason Martin - FINISH in 4:11:27. Pace 9:36. Powered by Xact.

  2. At Dad's for Christmas Eve dinner.

  3. At Jimmy's JROTC Christmas party w Joy chaperoning.

  4. Took Zeke hunting today. Put a couple of birds up, only got one shot. Shotgun noise didn't bother Zeke. Wore me out more than Zeke.

  5. jimmym1296

    Steel is Steel

    The world map made my day. I had to share it on facebook. Unfortunately, geography doesn't seem to get much respect these days.
  6. Vacation in Colorado Springs

  7. Gavin and I are you baching it this week. Having dinner at Applebees

  8. Sitting watching an eagle have breakfast on the island bank across from our home in President Village near Tionesta. Getting ready to go stain a cabin we are finishing near Cook Forest. Need it to warm up a bit.

  9. Going to The Brewerie at Union Station tonite after the home show. Have some interesting looking micro brews I plan to sample.

  10. jimmym1296

    Please Do My Survey - for my school work.

    Easy survey, hope you get an A.
  11. jimmym1296


    Wow! What a difference.The old store drove me crazy.
  12. jimmym1296

    Dead mouse?

    Definitley a PIA. Left my DRZ400 in our garage at camp over winter 1 year and I chased a whole nest out when I pulled it out.Always have to check the air boxes on the quads after they sit for a while.
  13. My wife made us the most delicious dinner tonight. I have a wonderful wife and am lucky to have her.