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  1. redrider7202

    1980 Cr carb question

    wrong forum
  2. redrider7202

    trials gearing

    last two gears are almost always transport gears, with the rest being "section" gears. you get used to it
  3. redrider7202

    So i'm moving...

    Sr. Manufacturing Engineer for Siemens. But cool more tree clearing. My last ride at CATRA consisted of some of the same. And idk about welcome to Mass. I plan on keeping my licence and all the registrations in NY for now, or at least until my car needs an inspection (so may) or something needs to be re-registered (april i think for the motorcycles and trailer)
  4. redrider7202

    So i'm moving...

    Finally have a job after graduating (ok i graduated a month ago) and i'm on my way out to worcester ma. No clue who the good clubs are that way. So, who has a good place out that way?
  5. redrider7202

    woods + trials tires.

    Get an 18 rim if ur gonna run one. the whole point of a trials tire is to flex like an sob around stuff. thin sidewall defeats this. plus just increases the chance of a pinch of rim dent. With regards to an 18, there is such a thing as to much traction and a trails tire is it. u can not be sloppy because there is no spin at all... it just goes,
  6. redrider7202

    KTM snaps in half

    KTM... first dirt bike manufacturer with crumple zones! not to rat on ktms... but u just dont really hear about this with any other brand, yet there are many cases of them doing it. go figure
  7. dont they kind of only come out one way? because the crank is pressed in more on one side. been a while since i pulled any cases apart and forget.
  8. redrider7202

    Dirt bike storeage

    Just found a place with a 14 or so place garage (not all mine... but secure to the people who are in the building) and will probably drag them into the building. this should be fun, nice splash of color for the loft.
  9. redrider7202

    HELP XR100R won't start!

    I agree, look at the intake. my guess would be an air leak of some sort. However, on a side note, most modern bikes (all that i can think of but i'm sure there is an exception someplace) the timing can not be adjusted. If you truely think it's out of time (unlikely) or not sparking at all (easy to check. if you haven't, you should, just so easy) your in for it. Get a manual and a multi-meter. however, as i said, probably and air leak with that intake. not tight or something
  10. redrider7202

    Dirt bike storeage

    I'm working in Worcester for a rather large company, (ok... at least thats the plan, should get the official offer monday) just not gonna say who. So with that i'll probably get some help. With that in mind, anyone have any good tips on where to look?
  11. redrider7202

    Dirt bike storeage

    So, Looking at getting my first apartment. Just got my first real job. (engineer... so i have a few bucks to spend) So, moving to Worcester MA. Doesn't seem hugely cheap (give or take a half hour to boston) and i'm debating between getting a place with a garage, and getting a place without one and renting storage. Currently have two bikes, will be using a trailer to transport them, and would like to add a road bike to the collection, probably an SV then eventually a Striple once i get some experience. I'd love to have the option of riding it to work from time to time when the weather is nice. although the road bike is probably going to be next season. Obviously the storage is gonna be a pain in the rear, but I think i can get a much large place (2BR vs studio) without a garage. (and lets face it the Saab will be outside either way) However the convience of having the storage will be nice. So, what has everyone else done? and what did they think?
  12. redrider7202

    So I rode the new OSSA

    is it just me or is that leaner then 100:1?
  13. redrider7202

    So I rode the new OSSA

    u'd probably figure whatever the tank empty weight is would be right at that limit... maybe a little higher (idk, in case u lose coolant) how often u think they check the calibration on that scale? cause i bet they cut it darn close
  14. redrider7202

    So I rode the new OSSA

    the is a weight lim for mx bikes
  15. redrider7202

    Riding pics!

    guess u didn't forget how to ride