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  1. tbone16

    NOOB with a 90 XR 250

    I can dig three fifty. Total game for that. I was thinkin at least 500.
  2. tbone16

    NOOB with a 90 XR 250

  3. tbone16

    NOOB with a 90 XR 250

    Howdy guys, my names bones and Im from tx. I recently traded my wrecked Triumph America to a fellow for 1990 XR 250r. I realy dig the shit out of this bike, i realy like it alot. Im lookin forward to being able to contribute to this nice spread you guys have going. I have a few questions. I drowned my bike out goin through some massivly deep water a while back. Now it is smokin a bit when I start it up. I know there is no way to be sure, but is this likely a head problem, or a sleeve problem? I dont mind tearing it apart, but I am a bit strapt for cash. How much (ball park of course) could a do a full top end job for, doing most of the work with the exception of the pressing and shop related junk? I normally wouldnt bother you guys with problems first post, but Im sure someone has been in my situation, so any input would be aprectiated. Gonna pick up a service manual tommorow, I realize this is the most important component to the bike.