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  1. cavballer

    has anyone tried...

    I put a trail tech vapor on mine.
  2. cavballer

    Yz 125

    I am going to be selling my bike and was wondering how much I could get for it.Its a 2000 Yz125 Fmf front and back pipe,renthal handel bars,and it runs like new.Here are some pictures. http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/6885/p1010261nq0.jpg http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/4412/p1010267sr7.jpg
  3. cavballer

    Shifter stripped out

    I have a 2000 yz 125 and my shifter and the shaft is now stripped out.Can you tell me how hard it would be to change it and about how much it would cost?
  4. cavballer


    I have a 2000 yz125 and the last tank i ran out of pre mix so i used some 5w 30 motor oil and it worked just as good.Is it ok to use this?
  5. cavballer

    Yz125 oil and gas mixture

    Can i use two cycle oil to mix with my gas or does it have to say two stroke?
  6. cavballer

    yz125 Questions

    I had a four stroke before and it never did this but on my 125 it seems right when i get off the bike it starts leaking fuel out the hoses at the botom and over night it looks like oil comes out even with the fuel turned off.Is it suposed to do this?
  7. cavballer

    yz125 Questions

    I just got a 2000 yz125 and have a couple of questions.What is the ratio for the oil mixture,the guy said that it was like 32:1 but he was not sure?He said i should change the radiator fluid how much prestone do i put in to mix with the water?About how long does a full tank last you and how much does it hold.
  8. cavballer

    How much for 03 crf 150

    How much should i ask for my 03 crf150 it runs like brand new but needs a new rear tire,grips and the seat has a small rip.Has normal scratches from trail rideing.Here is a picture
  9. cavballer

    yz125 or yz250

    Right now i have a crf150 and want some thing faster should i get a 125 or 250?I am like 5"9 and weigh 125.I would be trail rideing some.If you know some one who wants a crf150 let me know.Thanks
  10. cavballer

    crf150 Polishing

    How can i get my crf150 crank case and swing arm to shine like this?
  11. cavballer

    crf150 Polishing

    Does any one know how i can polish both sides of my crankcase and make is look like chrom?
  12. cavballer

    crf150 clutch

    I have my clutch all the way adjusted and it still grabs all the way out.Also when i accelerate you can feel that it is slipping.Its a 03 crf150.Is there just a certain part that needs to be changed or do i need to get a whole clutch kit?Were can i get the parts at?Thanks for all your help!
  13. cavballer

    crf 150 brakes

    I just bouht my 03 crf150 used and got the chain on it am went for my first ride and when ever you use the front brake while moveing it jumps up and down.So then i shut it off and pushed it and on a certain spot on the brake disk the hand brake goes down further.Do i need to get a new disk?
  14. cavballer

    Chain Help

    Will this fit and be long enough for my 03 crf150? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Suzuki-RM-250-RM250-520-116-Drive-Chain_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35600QQitemZ4611935252QQrdZ1
  15. cavballer

    crf150 HELP!!!!!!!!

    I took the carb off and cleaned it out then put it back on and it was still doing it.So then i started turning the air/fuel screw and that fixed it.Thanks for all your help every one!