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  1. bstenhouse

    Did anyone make it to Burnt Gin?

    I raced in the AM race (vetC). This was a fun course, very fast. I've posted a short report and some links to a few photos I took and the data from my GPS. The link is: http://fastwoodsrider.com/2006/12/01/burnt-gin-post-race-report/
  2. bstenhouse

    2005 Yz250

    MXUnleashed - Thanks for your interest, but the bike is not available for sale as a whole unit.
  3. bstenhouse

    2005 Yz250

    I'd love to keep it as a second bike but I'm not quite at that level financially if you know what I mean. Adrenojunkie - I just replied to your PM, sorry I was out yesterday afternoon.
  4. bstenhouse

    2005 Yz250

    I recently purchased a new 2005 YZ250 and have read almost all the posts here. I love the bike and the forum. I also purchased a spare bike (also a new 2005 YZ250). I plan to keep some of the smaller parts as spares, but I'm selling the larger items. So if anyone is interested, send me a private message and let me know what part numbers you are interested in. I'm selling all the parts for aproximately 55% off of list and they are all new. Thanks, Bret
  5. bstenhouse

    Air Box

    Thanks for the response. I'm going to ride the Big Buck tomorrow and it's going to be messy. I'm going to try the crafts store for the foam because when I rode Long Cane the 30+lbs of mud that came along for the ride was an issue. On the airbox - I grease the filter seal and put it on tighter last time and the even though the box had signs of mud and water after a ride the airway checked out clean. Thanks again.
  6. bstenhouse

    Air Box

    I have a 2001 CR250 constantly have problems with water and mush entering the air box. I believe that the cause is the large bottom opening. I'm looking for advice on whether I should close it up and if so whether I need to add holes up top if I do. I ride exclusive in the woods and have gotten water in the intake twice result of this. I'm riding the Big Buck this weekend which could be wet so I want to take precautions. On a related note, does anyone know what type of a foam the pros use to "fill in the cracks" on their bikes in muddy conditions and where I can find it or something similar?