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  1. bssrf4

    Bleeding brakes

    +1 I had speedbleeders on my CBR. They are awesome.
  2. bssrf4

    Bleeding brakes

    1.) take off master cylinder cap 2.) open bleed valve 3.) squeeze brake lever 4.) close bleed valve 5.) release brake lever 6.) repeat topping off the brake fluid as needed It takes a while to get everything moving and it will take many of the "repeat" steps to get everything bled properly.
  3. bssrf4

    Can You Hear Me Suzuki ?

    Yeah - I've found out over the years that I love motorcycles but don't really like motorcyclists. I'm self-loathing, what can I say!!
  4. bssrf4

    Plastic polish that actually works!

    I liked this stuff for my sport bike: http://crystal-glo.com/usa/bike/
  5. bssrf4

    Can You Hear Me Suzuki ?

    Thats because people are fools! :thumbsup:
  6. bssrf4

    Can You Hear Me Suzuki ?

    Since we're asking for the stars on my SM I'd like: 1.) 450cc 2.) 6 speed 3.) EFI 4.) Tachometer 5.) 3.1 Gallon tank 6.) Same weight or at least very close 7.) Good Price
  7. bssrf4

    Who rides with passengers???

    Pick my 9 year old daughter up from school on the DRZ. The roads we travel to get home have a speed limit of 30mph. I don't think I would want to do much more than 50mph with a passenger. I leave the suspension setup for myself since we only go a few miles. The bike handles fine, but obviously a bit different. I weight about 160lbs and she cant weight much more than 60lbs. Check ebay for pegs, but I know a bunch of TTers take theirs off, so you may get them for cheap on here.
  8. bssrf4

    Pitbull "new" front end stand

    Yeah the pin is necessary. I don't want to convert it because it is nice to be able to remove the forks if needed. Thanks for the responses!
  9. bssrf4

    1 day old DRZ 400SM

    Bring it back to the shop. Its brand new, obviously they set it up wrong. You shouldn't have to fix their screw up.
  10. I have a Pitbull 'new' front end stand link: http://www.kneedraggers.com/details/Pit_Bull_New_Front_Stand_with_PinAdapter--53-PBULL-NF.html Which I loved for my CBR. But I cant seem to get it work with the DRZ. Any ideas? Anybody use something similar?
  11. bssrf4

    DRZ400 racks and bags?

    I have the Dirtbagz (large). I was hesitant to spend $260 on bags but they are worth it. Mounting them takes about 10 minutes and they are very secure. However, they are not waterproof. Everyday I toss my laptop, lunch, large daily planner, and a few books in them. I also keep a towel, sun glasses and a hat in there. There is still plenty of room left over. Plus, I don't pack the stuff, I just throw it in the bags. With proper packing you can fit a ton of stuff in the bags. I give them 2 thumbs up. I'd give them 3 thumbs up if they were water proof.
  12. bssrf4

    DRZ-400SM Gas Milage?..

    My last three tanks have been between 56 and 58mpg. I have DJ jet kit, 3x3, and the stock pipe and gearing.
  13. bssrf4

    06 DRZ400SM Service Manuel Question

    +1 - mine has SM stuff in the back.
  14. bssrf4

    Gas Mileage on the street- what do you get?

    the last two tanks have been 57mpg and 58mpg. I have the stock carb, stock pipe, 3x3, DJ rejet. About 50/50 highway/city commuting.
  15. bssrf4

    Suzuki Extended Warranty - Should I buy?

    When I bought my DRZ in 2006 they offered me an extended warranty for 1/2 off. I think it was like $300. It covers me until 2011 so I figured it was worth $300.