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  1. Check this one out! Billet construction, 3 tools in one wrench, 49mm wrench, 36mm socket, and cartridge rod holder. Fits 2010 honda's!!!!
  2. I bought mine from $24.95
  3. enzo sub tanks fill up with oil all of the time. You have to turn the tanks upside down and blow the oil out of them everytime you service the forks. I would hate to pull my handlebars and controls every 25 hrs to blow the oil out of the handle bars......not to metion what if the plug in the end of the bar started leaking and made your grips slip off from the oil in the middle of a race? Great idea but I think they have some bugs to work out before I would consider a pair. Just my 2 cents
  4. Just good friends with them. I guess I am pushing it a little to hard. Just wanted everyone to see, it really is a great product. Thanks for calling me out on it.
  5. Paid 26.00 for this wrench @ 3 tools in one spanner, cartridge rod holder, and 50mm wrench. Fits 07-08 SX and 08 XC with the Twin Chamber 48mm forks - WP 4860 MXMA CC Forks. Works great!!!!!
  6. sells the tool you are looking for $26.00 3 tools in one wrench.
  7. has the fork cap wrench for your 2007 sxf. Its $26.00 amd is a 3 in 1 tool.
  8. has a new wrench for the 2007 - 2008 ktms
  9. try
  10. Here is the tool. Ebay Item number: 190232482085
  11. Here is the tool you are looking for Ebay Item number: 190232482085
  12. here is a wrench that is avalible for the 2007-2008 Twin Chamber 48mm forks - WP 4860 MXMA CC Forks. Ebay Item number: 190232482085 3 tools in 1 wrench and its only 28 bucks. Great price compared to other brands where you have to pay around 35 bucks for each seperate tool!
  13. 49mm cap try this one ebay Item number: 190232472896
  14. Here is a good deal on a stand that should help you get the job done>
  15. This wrench will solve all of your problems!