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  1. Dirtdemon

    I want educated opinions on CRF230 upgrades

    You will probably see a lot of different opinions on the BBR springs if you read through some of these forums as I did when I first bought my 05 230F. A lot of people think they are too stiff and make the bike bounce, but I believe it depends on what you weigh, how you have the race sag set, and how big of jumps you are going to be taking. I felt safe in buying them as I weigh 230lbs and was pretty sure my big butt could use the stiffer springs without much recoil problems. Boy was I right, I absolutely recommend the BBR spring for the heavier rider who love's to get the bike airborne. I have pretty much all the mods you were asking about minus the rev box, I still haven't seen the need for one so I cannot comment on it. The biggest improvement I made form stock was the BBR exhaust. I have not ran any other aftermarket pipes on my 230F so I'm not sure if any are better. I just installed Tag handle bars this weekend with the CR hi-bend and it really gave the bike more room it seemed. I would say that has been my favorite non-power mod I have done so far and at 6'4 you may be looking for more room on this bike after you get used to it. Have fun !
  2. Hey gang, For those who may be interested I had my bike decible tested today by the Claifornia state parks ranger at Carnegie. I called BBR before driving down here from Oregon to ride with my buddy, but they did not have a decible rating listed for the pipe, and I was worried I may not pass the restrictions down here, but it did. I run the BBR exhuast (without the quiet core), the Honda power needle and jets to match, and have the air box opened up. The bike registered 94 decibles according to their test. As has been stated on here before, even if it did not pass you can bolt on the stock end cap on the BBR and it would. I just thought I would let any know who was curious as I was.
  3. Dirtdemon

    Newbie here w/ 230 tranny problems

    Are the XR200 tranny's/Shift linkage the same as a 230? If so I had this exact same problem with a XR200 and it ended up being wear on the shifting star on the clutch side. My local Honda dealer told me that impact to the shifting lever caused some misalignment and the shifting star was not getting engaged properly and eventually it wore the corners off of the star. If the XR200 is not the same i this aspect, please forgive me and ignore this post. I have not had to open my 05 230 up yet and I hope I dont have to for a very long time
  4. Dirtdemon

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    How tall are you?
  5. Dirtdemon

    CRF230 Hand-guards - What type?

    Has anyone put on Acerbis Multipro ? I was thinkin of putting them on but would like to see a 230 with them on if possible.
  6. Dirtdemon

    TT-R 125 wont idle after re-jet

    Ok, thanks for the thoughts guys,,,Im gonna toss the 15 back in it and see what happens. I put a new NGK7 in it with these jets, should I buy another?
  7. Dirtdemon

    TT-R 125 wont idle after re-jet

    First off, I would like to say I have read the stickies on jetting and as many posts as I could so please do not tell me to read anymore cause Im lost! I bought my son a 03 TT-R 125 last summer to go riding with me and it was hard starting and would not idle at all. I did not want to fight that again this spring when we start riding again so I read everything on here I could find about these cold blooded things and decided to open the air box up and re-jet the bike. I put 110 main and 17.5 pilot jets in it, set the fuel screw at 2 turns out, and it started on the 2nd kick! I was extactic. I let it idle with the choke on for a few minutes and as soon as I took the choke off it died. I figured maybe it wasnt warmed up enuff so i rode it around a few minutes and it still would not idle. I removed the spark plug and it was black not tan. The only way I can get this bike to idle is to set the fuel screw at a half a turn out and the idle adjustment ALL the way in. It idles a bit ruff like that tho and I get some white smoke. If it matters, Im at 1600ft elev and it was 60 degrees today. Also the bike still has the stock pipe. Any ideas for the jetting impaired?
  8. Dirtdemon

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    Sweet bike, I just bought the same brush guards today and was wondering how the black would look. I like it, I figured the bike had enuff red already How do you like those Renthal's? I have been think about getting new bars but dont know what to look for.
  9. Dirtdemon

    CRF230F Fuel screw question

    Thank you for taking your time to reply. I figured I would get the "Read the sticky" reply as have MANY others who have asked questions about jetting. As I stated in my post, I have read the posts on jetting and I decided to make sure what changes I needed to make before replacing anything. As I also stated, I read Burned's post about the most common jetting issue that comes up is related to the pilot circuit. So I decided to start there and make SURE i needed to rejet my bike and that it wasnt just a fuel screw setting problem. Burned suggest's that if it takes more than 2.5 turns of the fuel screw to bring the idle back to peak then a bigger pilot jet is in order. Mine came in at 2 turns ( i checked it twice) which is within his spec. If your refering to the sticky posted by Phil, I was originally going to just duplicate his jetting and while the 45 pilot may help my stated problem , others have posted on here that 120 is a more optimum jet tha a 132. So I got confused and decided to start with what might be the simplest fix,,,, TURNING A FUEL SCREW. To further my confusion as to what to do, Phil's sticky is for riding at 2000ft and below. I ride between 1700 and 3000 ft, so Im not within Phil's range at all times. Anyway, the point is I HAVE read the posts and stickies and the pilot circuit test is within Burned's spec yet Im still having trouble at Idle or low speed when I pin the throttle.
  10. Dirtdemon

    CRF230F Fuel screw question

    I read someones post on here about using a big paper clip and flattening out one end. It worked great.
  11. I have an 05 CRF230F I bought brand new. I put a BBR exhaust system on it and took out the snorkle and the snorkle seal. The bike runs great while ripping it up, but at low speed or Idle it will die if I pin the throttle. After reading all the posts about jetting I decided to start with the pilot circuit and did the fuel screw test posted by Burned. I turned the fuel screw in until the idle dropped and missed and then counted 2 turns to get it back to peak. Since I have not jetted this bike yet I was expecting more than 2 turns indicating the need of a bigger pilot jet, but now Im not sure what I should do next?
  12. Dirtdemon

    CRF230 jetting question

    What altitude/temp are you normally at?