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  1. busterboy

    Cleaned bike - Typical!

    looking good kern....very clean........just watch that wd-40 as its a good cleaner "but" loosens nuts & bolts.......so get the spanners out just to check...o and it cleans grease off...watch any bearings
  2. busterboy

    Lets see your pitbikes!!

    yeah its a nice bike to ride and it pops along it was a good buy for the money...as time goes by i might mod it abit nice bike xxxrated and what a good price you got it for....hope to hook up with you this summer... theres some very nice bikes in this thread.....theres nothing i,ve seen i don,t like
  3. busterboy

    Lets see your pitbikes!!

    heres mine...totally stock...just for weekend fun.......goes well and i,ve had no trouble with it