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  1. entropysedge

    Scion XB opinions

    Those numbers are for the 2008+ model with the 2.4L. The old generation xB has the 1.5L out of the Toyota Echo.
  2. entropysedge

    HELP...New Jersey To Ban ATVs and Dirt Bikes.

    The only email that I got from the AMA was a form letter response to an email that I sent, saying that they were looking into it. No other email from them (other than their monthly newsletter which made no mention) and I do live in NJ. I am not impressed with their response to this issue
  3. entropysedge

    Emergency! NJ OHV ban in NJ Senate today.

    that's good to hear!
  4. Been thinking about getting one of these if I get a new trailer http://www.loadrite.com/Motorcycle_Trailers/MC1800/57/
  5. entropysedge

    Anybody have a new Tundra?

    Or they had one with what he wanted on it in-bound to the dealership anyway. Doesn't really matter...
  6. Not sure about how GM works it, but when I sold Fords, the supplier discount was 2% over A-plan (Ford employee price). The company you work for should be able to tell you what percentage the discount is. The price does not include any of the rebates available and the dealer gets reimbursed the invoice price of the vehicle.
  7. entropysedge

    2007 xt225 good for wife newbie?

    +1 ^^ Moto Psycho I ride mine down in the Pine Barrens, around Assupink StateForest and running small errands locally. The XT225 is great for riding around in the city, small lightweight and deals quite well with busted up pavement. I got mine because I wanted to go off road and had never done so in 20 years of riding so I figured the XT was a good starting point, being that its street legal (having no trailer to get to the dirt) and small. Now that I've had it for a year and a half, it doesn't look like I'll be selling it any time soon, it's very capable bike... only limitation for me is that its not good for the freeways but those aren't much fun anyway. I would definitely recommend it as a first bike, small and light, its not going to intimidate a new rider, however I think its alot of fun to play with even for someone who's been riding awhile. :ride:
  8. entropysedge

    Anybody have a new Tundra?

    Enjoy your new truck, RMXC51! I didn't post in this thread earlier since I don't own a Tundra, just happen to sell them. I do know that everyone I have sold a new Tundra to has been thrilled with them.
  9. entropysedge

    Add-a-bike Hitch On A Small Car???

    +1 I would not use that on any small car, adding that much weight behind the rear wheels is going to do nasty things to your handling and will most likely start bending your subframe. Just get a small trailer to haul the bike, it will be better in the long run.
  10. entropysedge

    What would you pay?

    +1 Being that the company doesn't exist in the US, I think getting parts for it would ba a major PIA, unless you can get the car for a hundred dollars, I'd stay far far away from this one ... honestly, I wouldn't touch this car with a 10 foot pole.
  11. entropysedge

    Any more news on the "new" NJORVP?

    true... "We don't want your kind here."
  12. entropysedge

    Ford beat Toyota???

    +1 It also seems to me that people EXPECT more from Toyota or Honda so that a little problem with one of their vehicles is considered unacceptable but the same problem in a vehicle from another manufacturer doesn't get noticed. What I would like to see is a survey of people who have owned the vehicle in question for several years and see how they stack up.
  13. entropysedge

    Pine Barrens - Legal with a Plate?

    It's amazing seeing how many of the seemingly random tracks are actually named roads.
  14. entropysedge

    Pine Barrens - Legal with a Plate?

    I've not had any problems riding in Wharton but then again my XT225 is street legal , has to be, being that i don't own a truck or trailer and live almost an hour away.