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  1. Hexen300

    Questions about 525 SX

    Im lookin at a 04 with low/medium hours for 3,995. guess 4,7 for 05 sounds pretty ok compared to what im lookin at.
  2. that's what i'm shooting for now... soon as i see one i like i'm takin it home. not losing another bike..
  3. well bad news for me, some guy put a deposit on it today. i was gonna put on tomorrow morning,,,,, kind a pissed off, probably gonna get way drunk and pass out and get busted for public intoxication and put in jail for the night now. damn well guys maybe its for the best, time will tell. peace
  4. well i was down and took a look at the bike today and it looks real nice. plastic is a litte beat but not bad. didnt have stock suspension in back so it might be ok for me of i just adjust it a little. front springs will need some help though. i'm gonna give this 400 exc a try and if it's for me i might try the 453 kit on it or ill just buy another bike. i think this might work as a start. damn the seat's r sure narrow on these ktm's haha. Does any1 have a user manual for a 02 400 exc in pdf , if so id love if you coudl send it to me. send a private and ill give u my email. thnx
  5. guess pretty much up and down the street over some lawns hit one or two cop cars, then i should know
  6. Ill take it for a spin saturday see what i think
  7. Well i just found a 02 400 exc for a pretty good price. Think this bike will do it for me? i mean 400 450 525 are all on same frame right? and with some jetting it should be all i need right? any reason why i shouldnt buy this 02 400 exc??? thnx
  8. Hexen300

    What To Buy, A 400, 450 or 525EXC?

    I'm 290# and im thinkin about buyin one of those too
  9. I'm planning on buying a used one, the budget is bigger but id like to stay around 5 for the bike itself. Then I'm one of those ppl who can never stop buying well necessary and unnecessary stuff for my stuff(in this case bike) so i should be alright right?
  10. I'm more used to mopeds and cars then actual bikes. What are the maintenance like for say the 525 exc. When do you change what and how long do u do this for etc? Oh and does anyone have the user manual in pdf? and if so could you please send it too me, = have some late night literature. haha
  11. Question: how much more work is there to get a SX street legal then the EXC? From what i can tell the SX's are about 1,500$ cheaper. what is different b/t a 525 SX VS 525 EXC?
  12. Can't say im that serious bout racein (except with my friends everynow and then). How does the honda xr650r handle around tighter tracks, yeah i know the 525 isnt the smallest but its lighter and smaller then those honda 650's. Over and out
  13. Awesome, thnx for the input. Think ill go down there this weekend and take a look.
  14. well let's say like this i want to buy the bike for around 5000$ the suspension work and street kit is another story Thnx for your help guys
  15. Yeah i saw that the 06 huskies where StreetLegal, don't think i'm ready to spend that kind a money though. there like 8100$ for a 450 te. im looking for a bike in the 5000$ range (well atleast i think i am ) UR 6'6 too huh, guess the SX is a bit different from the exc but u think i have enough room on it? Then again if u just want it bad enough it will work hahaha