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  1. kpi103

    450X keeps shutting off (But fires right back up)

    Thanks for all of your responses. I'm going to check all of these tomorrow. Thanks again (PS, sorry I ride a yamaha-what was I thinking )
  2. Hope someone can help me out on this one. Friend of mine has an 05 450X that is worked on for him (Long story short he doesn't know anything mechanical). I put a JD jet kit in, a yoshimura full exhaust, air box mod, pink wire and a uni filter. Bike ran awesome for about 3-4 50+ mile rides. Last ride he was on the bike would just shut off every now and then but fire right back up. It was really hot (90+) that day and humid. I put in a 48 pilot and a 170 main. Elev is approx 1000-1500.Only thing I can think of is its running rich because of the temp but bike runs great (until all of the sudden it just shuts off). I'm going to look at the bike tomorrow (guess I'll check the spark plug condition first. Any ideas? All of the other rides where in 60's-80's. Just checked the valves a couple of weeks ago and they were right on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Worst part about it is its my bosses bike Thanks for any help
  3. kpi103

    2003 KDX 220 Mods

    Well so far I've put on a gnarly fmf pipe with a power core silencer. Just got done pulling the carb and head so I can send them to RB-Designs tomorrow. Removed the air box lid and thats about it so far. One concern I just came across is the piston problems with the 220's. Should this be a concern of mine? Last thing I want is to redo this guys bike and have the piston let go shortly thereafter. Should I just order a wiseco piston and be done with it? This bike is an 03 with maybe 5-6 hours on it. If I do a new piston do I have to hone the cylinder (I'm assuming I do)? I've never had a top end apart (In a bike anyway), pretty simple or something I should be worried about. Thanks in advance.
  4. kpi103

    2003 KDX 220 Mods

    Hi, been searching on here a little about mods for a 2003 KDX 220. Friend of mine just bought one and wants to make it faster (keep it strong down low but with more top end) but pretty much knows it runs on gas and thats about it (A little sarcasm there). Anyway I ordered a FMF pipe and silencer and thats as far as I've gotten. I've read on here and heard from a friend to send the carb away and get it bored out. Do I send it to RD-designs or Jeff Fredette is my question? I've heard Jeff really knows the KDX, but have also heard alot of good things about RB. ANy help would be greatly appreciated. ALso, is taking some off the head worth doing? How bout port work? Basically what should I do, and what should I not. Thanks in advance.
  5. kpi103

    YZ450F stock muffler

    I've got one off an o4. Has a tiny bit of rash on the tip. You can have it if you pay the shipping (Not sure how much that would be).
  6. kpi103

    Hanging idle

    Didn't get a chance to check clearances yet, but I will this week sometime. Bike probably only has 5+ hours on it, but I was going to check them soon anyway. Does my jetting sound about right? Guess I'll just have to see what the clearances look like and go from there. Thanks for all of your input so far.
  7. kpi103

    Hanging idle

    Thanks for the tip on the valve clearances, I'll check them tomorrow hopefully. The choke thing is really confusing me a little, and the bike doesn't really have any popping on decel. I know its cold here, but anything bigger then a 48 just seems to big to me. I cecked for intake leaks and found nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. kpi103

    Hanging idle

    Hi, just got done rejetting my 450. I have a 170 main, and a 48 pilot. Was going to put a 75 starter jet in also, but the dealer gave me the wrong one ( Too big). Anyway, bike seems to run excellent,except I have a hanging idle. So first thought was my pilot system is still too lean. It is really cold here right now (30-40 degrees) and my elevation is around 1000 feet. Should I go bigger? The strange part is if I pull the choke the idle shoots up like I pulled the hot start. &%$#@!? I would've thought the idle would've dropped. I've had the fuel screw closed and in 1/4 turn increments opened it up to 3 turns with no difference in the hanging idle. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. kpi103

    FMF Q Anyone Have One?

    Definitely takes away the "bark". I have one on my 04 450. Very happy with it. Power wise I don't think there was very much performance loss of the stock pipe (if any). But the bike has too much power as it is, so I don't think I would notice anyway. I wouldn't say it makes the bike quiet by any means, but alot quieter then stock. Hope this helps a little.
  10. kpi103

    What fuel screw do people like?

    I have a zip-ty also. Works great, easy to adjust. I've never had a problem with mine backing out (Just stretch the spring a little). Just curious but why would you care about the color of it? You can hardly see it under there anyway. Well worth the money IMHO.
  11. kpi103

    Removing Coil on Spark Plug

    I just pull the left tank bracket off. SHould I be removing the tank also?
  12. kpi103

    Shorter kick start lever?

    Wouldn't a shorter lever = less torque?
  13. kpi103

    04 Yz450f

    Thats the plan. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  14. kpi103

    04 Yz450f

    70, I wish. Its more like 25-35 here. I never really gave it any thought how sticky and thick my oil was. Like I said, o well. Pretty easy fix.
  15. kpi103

    04 Yz450f

    Wheeewwwwww! Problem solved Motul Oil + Cold + YZ450F = A nonshifting bike Pulled the clutch cover again and with the clutch lever pulled, you could barely pull the friction plates apart with a small screwdriver. Motul oil was acting more like glue then oil. I pulled the clutch apart again and soaked everything in ATF fluid and drained the oil. Re-installed the clutch and put new 10-30 Yamalube in. Test rode it and everything seems good. O well, guess I should be glad it was nothing serious. Anyone else run in to this? Thanks for your input on this matter.