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  1. bsmith106

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    Does any body else think these "leaked pics" are all part of the marketing plan? No one at Yamaha U.S. Perused Yamaha Europe's site While trying to keep this under wraps. Reminds me of the 2010 yz450 leaked pics. Free advertising, gets people talking. That said I'm still holding out hope that there are more substantial changes than a body kit. One step above "BNG". Barely
  2. bsmith106

    2015 CRF250R info released!

    Ron, what kind of gains are you finding with the cams and port work? Do you lose any of the low rpm grunt that these bikes have stock? Always good to read your posts, thanks.
  3. bsmith106

    2014 crf 250 head changes

    Ron, have you had a 2014 yz250f head in your hands yet. Do you believe the downdraft style intake will be an advantage in motocross application?
  4. bsmith106

    FMF Q4 with Power Bomb

    Has the power changed? Is it still as snappy as the stock pipe? What year bike?
  5. bsmith106

    New Techy Product for FI?

    Do the efi hondas suffer from the same power loss,or do there larger throttle bodies flow better? I also question why this hasnt been tried on street bikes? Maybe butterflys offer a more linear throttle response, that is desirable on pavement. All the mags claim how smooth all the efi bikes are through the powerband. Im sure some of this is ignition timing and a/f ratio but maybe some of it comes from how the butterfly opens, kinda how those throttle cams change throttle response.
  6. bsmith106

    GASGAS EC250 to 300 or YZ250?

    Could you explain more about that 327 kit, sounds interesting. What piston does it use, was it ported or were the ports just matched up to the larger bore. I woulnt mind more power and maybe a little more snap.
  7. bsmith106

    YZ with Carbon Fiber tank, sneaky Acerbis

    could be a prototype to get the shape right, and then mass produce it in plastic.
  8. bsmith106

    gasgas counterbalancer?

    Can anyone tell me if the newest gasgas two strokes have a cavity to mount a counter balancer. It is my understanding that the older models were not equipped with a balance shaft but one could be fitted to them. Just wanted to know if the newer models are the same. thanks
  9. bsmith106

    Info on FMF Q4 for 08 YZ450

    Ive spent some time on an 08 yz450 with the oem, oem with db dawg and oem header with the q4 can. The stock pipie felt pretty soft in the low end especially for a 450. It sounds weird but soft low end scared me, it was spooky to ride a 450 that wouldnt pull from low rpms. This trait was amplified with the db dawg, but it was a bit quieter. With the q4 on,Ifell in love with the powerband for the track. After spinning alot of laps on my crf 250 im used to twisting it pretty hard to get out of the corners. I jumped from my bike straight onto the yz and found i could carry the front wheel out of rutted corners with precision, not to high without having to be too carefull with the throttle. its much easier to deal with a rutted exit when only the back wheel is in it and its spinning controllably. I was clearing every jump but the bniggest one {an 80 foot table} by the second lap. It was near the end of the day and the track was getting choppy, not my bike etc. I also liked how much quieter it was than my own bike. This was with the screen out. Overall quieter than stock, better power. Win, Win
  10. bsmith106

    replacement battery for an 09 300 xc-w?

    Earth is another way of saying ground. Common in many countries ,just not ours.
  11. bsmith106

    09 head with je piston

    Finally got a chance to ride the bike. It was hot and humid today and i was only able to get the 165 main, local shop had no pilots in stock. just purchased a flex jet adj fuel screw but didnt install yet. The bike ran well with a stronger yank up top most noticable on uphill straits. It does seem to pull the wheel up with less throttle input than before. midrange felt about the same as before, all this is with a 165 main 40 pilot 70 leak, and not sure where the needle clip is set. im ride sea level to 1000 feet elevation close to sea level today, Not sure but i think it needs to be richened up. I am looking for a bit faster rev up and stronger pull through the mid. this was with oem exhaust, i just repacked my dr d and plan on throwin it back on after i play with the jetting. try one thing at a time. I have heard the dr d hurts power on mod engines but i was happy with the performance, it seemed rev quicker and pull stronger through the mid than the oem exhaust, i pulled it off when i tore the bike down cuz it had over 20 hours on the packing and i can only run it at the track on race days, practice is 96db limit.
  12. bsmith106

    09 head with je piston

    Yeah im running the 37mm carb with a 45 pilot 165 main as a starting point. Still havnt had time to ride it yet but im definitely looking forward to it, maybe sunday.
  13. bsmith106

    09 head with je piston

    Finally had sometime to look at it and found the problem, the cotters were not fully seated on the valve stem allowing the retainer to rise about an eighth inch and contact the rocker. Im glad that it didnt go together, the results would have been bad. I cant believe that it held the spring at all. I gave it a couple taps with a plastic hammer like it said in the manual and it seemed fine. I saw the hole where the shim sits to be deeper than before and discovered the top of the cotter was even with the top of the valve stem. Anyways the bike runs started third kick, have not ridden it yet but when I do Ill write a ride report on the 09 head and cam combined with 13.5 je versus 04 head and cam. I will order the 09 rocker and install it when I check the valves. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. bsmith106

    09 head with je piston

    I didnt have much time to look at it today but i did put the 04 cam back in and the result was the same. so it isnt a base circle issue. One thing i didnt notice at first is how low the top of the valve stem sits in the retainer, it seems noticably deeper than the 04 setup. Ill check with the shim to see if it is deeper. All the parts bags appeared un opened. I will check the valve height, i have to look in the service manual and see if there are specs. good advice, Thanks for all the help so far , it is appreciated.
  15. bsmith106

    09 head with je piston

    kelstr, thanks for the replys. I triple checked all the part numbers and everything is 09 model year, cotters, retainers valves and springs, just thought id save a couple dollars and re use the old rocker. The rocker appears to hit the retainer right by the radiused pads that contact the shim. Im curious if the 09 rocker has any less matierial, clearanced just off the pads that touch the shims. it is not off by much, i could make it fit but the valves would be zeroed even with no shim. Im going to try the 04 cam and see if anything changes.