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  1. viper1088

    Paid off.Yea babe!

    I have to say, I fall into the pay cash for toys camp. I know that that doesn't work for everyone, but I can't justify a payment for a toy while I am raising three boys. You do really appreciate anything that you have to wait for and save up to get. Of course, I didn't get my first dirtbike until I was 28. I am now 37 and have 5 bikes in the garage (three are for the kids) I will say that the money spent on riding is the best money I have ever spent in my life.
  2. viper1088

    AC Racing Subframe on XR 400

    My stock subframe is a bit twisted from multiple get offs over time. I am considering getting a new ac racing subframe to straighten everything up again. If anyone has experience with these I would like to hear it. I'm a bit concerned about them being aluminum. Thank guys!
  3. '06 CRF 450 R is the best woods bike that I have ever had. (Prior owned 00 XR 400, 03 YZ 250) I just don't understand why people think that it is too much for the woods. I'm not changing to anything else until it is time to get a new CRF 450. Great power, solid reliability. NOTHING else is even close yet.
  4. viper1088

    Gray mud on Tranny Side!

    Thanks for the reply Throttlejockey. I already flushed several times with the cheap oil. I will reroute the vent tube further up and I will try to not stall again in a mud puddle. Thanks again.
  5. viper1088

    Gray mud on Tranny Side!

    I was trail riding my '06 this past weekend and I stalled out in a mud puddle about twenty inches deep. After restarting and getting out of the water, I checked the motor oil window and the oil was fine. When i get home to change the oil and drain the tranny side, grey mud comes out. I obviously got water into the tranny side oil while being in the water. I drained it and refilled it about five times, until i was just getting oil out(no more grey stuff). I probably rode another 60 Miles after this water incident before I got home and discovered the problem. I was wondering if I should do anything else at this point, or if anyone else has had this happen? My biggest concern is that I hope that I didn't ruin the tranny or any bearings on that side. The coolant level if fine, So i am sure that it is not a water seal leaking. Anyway, thanks for the help.
  6. viper1088

    Need a durable rear tire!!!!

    Dunlop 952 on an '06 crf 450 is my choice. Great traction in a variety of offroad conditions and it DOES last MUCH longer between changes. This is my choice for rear tire everytime from now on.
  7. viper1088

    ohio riders

    I live in Columbus, and have to drive to get to any riding areas. Best hobby going and worth the drive every time.
  8. viper1088

    pro moto billet endcap

    Thanks for the info guys. I will get it and try it out.
  9. viper1088

    ohio riders

    The two best trails in Ohio that I have found are the Wayne National Forest and Perry State Forest. The Wayne has three separate sections that are all open on the weekends and weekdays and the trails are not that difficult for the most part. Do a internet search to get more info and see you out there.
  10. viper1088

    pro moto billet endcap

    Well I am thinking about entering my first harescrable and I need to get a spark arrestor. What have been your experiences with the Pro Moto spark arrestor endcaps? I am on an '06 CRF 450.
  11. viper1088

    drag race

    Just a few suspension mods and the GSX would be great in the dirt. I can't believe I never thought of that sooner.
  12. viper1088

    Crf450R for trails?

    450R is great in the trails. Even the tight and technical stuff. I did go to a 50 tooth rear sprocket and some offraod protection (Radiator braces, hand guards) then its ready to go. Good luck, have fun, and be safe.
  13. viper1088

    Best Radiator guards?

    I put Devols on before my first ride after reading on here about radiator vulnerability and couldn't be happier. Never have had an overheating problem or any other problem. Couldn't be happier with this product.
  14. viper1088

    anyone got pics of oversize tank?

    I hope that you get some replies because I am wondering the same thing. I'm sure the TT Community will come through.
  15. viper1088

    paper or stainless

    Paper is so much easier to deal with. Paper Paper Paper