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  1. Now i understand you. So im guessing that the 12vot stator will be putting out around the same voltage 100 volts and the cdi/ecu will be ok then? thanks Ferret
  2. Thanks for your comments. @cleonard Ive seen some of your posts on electrical issues and you know your stuff, im not sure ive made my problem clear enough though. My bike runs a horn turn signals rear light and stop light the power for this is provided by a dc battery charged by the lighting/charging coil. The stator i intend to use is a 12 volt stator off a later bike and outputs 12volts for the lighting/chargeing side and 12 volts for the ignition side! I have no problems at all hooking up the lighting as this is a road bike it will have a proper regulator for the dc side. The problem is with the ignition side, will my ecu/cdi module cope with the 12 volt feed as it is designed for 6 volt feed? Reading your reply are you saying the old 6 volt stator would have been sending 100 volts to the ecu/cdi? Just a bit confused! thanks Ferret
  3. Hi Ive a 1979 xl185s, its a road bike that my son and i have restored to near new condition. This bike uses a 6 volt generator for its lighting system. The front bulb runs direct from the stator AC the rear lighting and turn signals run via dc battery.This system sucks lights are dimm. I have a 12 volt stator from a later model and if i use a 12 volt regulator and battery and bulbs ill be good on the lighting side. Now for my problem yes i can get a 12 volt coil but the rest of the system pickup and the cdi unit to my knowledge can not be found in a 12 volt version. Anyway round this ? thanks Ferret
  4. Well at 66mm the wall of the cylinder is very thin too thin IMO, i had one crack at the base since then ive gone back to a XR185 cylinder the difference in wall thickness is huge when compared side by side.
  5. 10 year old my lad and he really ride it, has to pull up near a rock or something to pull up though.
  6. Hi Measure from the gasket/seal surfice to the highest point of the very front of the float. Hope that make sence! Ta Ferret
  7. Cool seems like it a common problem, problem in the uk is parts are in short supply, ive ordered from servicehonda.com in the past takes 8 days to the uk. Not a problem but my bikes road legal and i use it for work as well as fun, ah well back to the car for a while. ta Ferret
  8. I used a 7/8 th socket, worked great. Ta Ferret
  9. You can use 6 speed gear set in the 5 speed cases, ive done it many a time.Just make sure all internal parts are exchange gears obviously but forks shift drum and star also. Ta Ferret
  10. Ok Guys Ive done a search and found some good info. The problem i have is going from neutral to 1st from standstill.It sometimes goes in sometimes not, its also tricky to find neutral.If the bikes moving most of the time i can get it back down into 1st not always though.Going up and down the gears after im out of first is smooth. In other threads i have read it suggests you should change the star and the sprung star wheel and the shift itself, also the plate!!!!!! What this? Ive rebuilt this engine fully 3 months ago and im really hoping i dont need to tear it down again. So ok what the pro`s thoughts? ta Ferret
  11. Hi Thanks Ive just measured the height of the oblong venturis at both sides of the carb and it comes out at 26mm tall. Anyone shed any more info on this. Ta Ferret
  12. Hi Guys I have a 62b 200x carb! What size intake does it have? Most of the info says its a 24mm! If I measure the intake circle gap between the bolt holes i mearsure 27mm.Im i measuring this correctly? So then what size should the 62b measure? Thanks Ferret
  13. You can but that method is risky these engines run hot to start with and incorrect timing will make it worse. As for oil spitting out i put a piece of cling film over it while i time her in. Ta Ferret
  14. Thanks Al And well i do see your theory behind the cleaner fuel comment, when i pull the plugs on my car there brown not grey.Ill work on it some more but i i still fell the 110 jet is running it rich hense it not reving out. ta Ferret
  15. Hi Guys I have a 1979 xl185 with a xr200 engine and carb in it. Ive a light grey plug and ive been trying to richen things up a bit, but it all gone crazy. I started with a 102 main in her and she pulls well all the way to 8500rpm which is max rpm, i go for a very quick ride and pull the plug its grey.I then raise the needle one notch from the middle and the plug is now light brown.Now here is the shit part it gets to around 6500rpm and splutters bad and wont rev by 7000rpm. So i install a 110 main with the needle back in the middle groove and off i go again same thing happens bike wont rev by 7000 and the bloody plugs still grey. I put the 102 back in and shes pulling 8500rpm again. This bike does not want to be up jetted. Whats my problem guys? Can anything else cause this plug condition? BTW pilot jet is a pressed in jet and it has no size markings. Ta Ferret