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  1. adam13

    best prices on full exhaust for 98 cr250?

    i ordered my dep pipe on ebay and it was less than half of the dealers price and i found a few full fmf systems and a few dep systems aswell and also there is a guy on ebay that sells plastics for every year cr125/250 since 1995 which is the kit i bought and they are polisport plastics and are great quality
  2. i would do the deal if i were you and change the piston straight away but make sure to check all the other parts aswell including crank etc like other people have said, that kx will be much more fun than your crf so the remorse wont last long lol
  3. adam13

    Factory Connection burns

    shouldnt factory connection be paying for your new suspension
  4. adam13

    Which Clutch Cover?

    you dont even need the check bolt, i have never used it all you need to do is change your oil regularly, the oil only needs to be checked if its been in long enough to burn some away and if your bikes running properly it wont burn it away
  5. adam13

    2003 cr125, going from 5spd to 6spd

    my cr125 has a 47 rear (from previous owner) and it flys topend and i think it will pull more than 65 and it still got a load of low end grunt aswell
  6. adam13


    is the coolant that you just put straight into your bike any different to the cheaper stuff that you use for cars because i need to change my coolant and oil this week and my dads friend says that im better off getting the stuff from the motor store and diluting it (as it says on the bottle of course), theres no threat of freezing because the bike is kept in a heated house when not in use, so do i really need the expensive stuff that u dump straight in the bike or am i okay with the cheaper stuff P.S. incase it helps i ride a 1995' cr125
  7. i have been looking at clutch plates on ebay and i found that they are friction clutch plates and pressure clutch plates and they both look different, also there was steel ones which looks the same as the pressure plates but they are silver, could someone tell me what the difference is and which is the best
  8. adam13

    bike or car from dead stop?

    i know for a fact i could beat a horse on my cr125 in that race, have passed horses on it before but i obviously havent raced one, how can he not turn quick enough i bet if i slammed my back brake in a whipped it around that corner i would of beat the horse
  9. adam13

    To the Supermotard riders

    supermoto is great man ride one and u will find out the fun you can have on em
  10. adam13

    The best tranney oil

    anyone used rock tranny oil or not
  11. adam13

    Spark Plug Cleaning

    you remove your seat and tank to change a spark plug, how big is your plug lol
  12. adam13

    fork swap from 500 to 125

    right i was outbid on the 500 forks, i have found a set of 2002 showa cr250 forks with the spindal, i need to know if my triple clamps will be the right width and will my caliper fit because i have noticed by lookin at the pics of different forks the caliper mount is different on some years
  13. adam13

    fork swap from 500 to 125

    well if they fit they're going on lol because really i got no choice if they are too stiff i will just get some lighter springs for em..... i will let u guys know how it fits, does anyone know the good years of the 500 suspension or even just the forks
  14. adam13

    fork swap from 500 to 125

    the clamps on the bottom of my forks are knackered so i may aswell replace them i can get a set of cr500 forks from ebay which look the same as mine, they come with the triple clamps aswell so aslong as they aint too long they will be okay, will the 500 forks be around the same length downwards as my 125 forks or will i end up makin my motorcrosser look like a chopper, could people try and help me quickly as the biddin is finished on them tomorow, thanks alot, adam heres a pic of them incase it will help
  15. adam13

    giving gas with the choke on, bad idea?

    so how come on many carbs i have seen before but i dunno about 2 stroke, when u put the choke on full it blocks the path from the airbox with a metal flap, im not sayin you are wrong but i have seen this on many motorbike carbs before