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  1. wobbleynobbley

    08 crf250 oil in tranny why?

    i had an 04 cf450 that had the same issue it was one of the seals in between the two case. real pain to figure out and fix but i worked like a champ after i replaced the mangled seal... check that out hope it helps
  2. wobbleynobbley

    Don't eat your fiddies!! (This is serious.)

    That guy is a total jackass he probably grew up licking trees. I can't believe this is happening I just pulled my fifity out to rebuild it and start riding it again and I find this out! ITS OUTRAGEOUS i hope honda handles this as soon as possible!
  3. wobbleynobbley

    Lifan 125cc Engines Now In Stock

    are they 09 motors because i have heard they have a lot of internal component issues and need rebuilding often. know anything about that?
  4. wobbleynobbley

    Lifan VS Zongshen

    yea after re doing everything on my motor i figured it was electric and it was not getting a spark through the coil so i had to clean the magnet next to the flywheel and now it starts up fine but i still am looking into a cheap 125 motor
  5. wobbleynobbley

    lifan or zongshen?

    okay. so i as riding my fifty and it took a dump on me and i ahve been researching zonghsen and lifan 125 motors and was wondering where i could one, preferably a complete one.
  6. wobbleynobbley

    Lifan VS Zongshen

    My crf fifity just took a dump on me and wont run, i have practically rebuilt the engine and no luck. Im ready to just upgrade to something bigger and have narrowed it down toa zongshen125 or lifan125. Anyone have any suggestions on the pros and cons and also a good place i can buy one of those complete motors at a decent price. THANKS
  7. wobbleynobbley

    help! 50 wont start

    I had the same issue today when i was going around a berm my 50 bogged out and died and hasnt sarted since and i have spent 5 hours tonight nearly rebuilding my entire motor I have tried everything timings good, valve clearance is fine, carb is completely clean, spark plug is fine. im out of ideas so if you figure something out let me know what you had to do please. thanks.
  8. wobbleynobbley

    04 fork seal leaking

    i use seal mate if my seals arent just destroyed if its just that will help
  9. wobbleynobbley

    CRF450 Engine problems!!

    id agree ith thoverheating my fifty did kinda the same thing and it was becasue i seized the motor from riding it too much without letting it cool.... my 450 overheats when i let it sit and idle it needs the airflow through the rad... i dont know if that helps but thats just my own personal experiences
  10. wobbleynobbley

    ASV levers?

    my friend dropped his yz125 when it was just sitting there and his ASV clutch lever just bent all the way back like it was nothing... i laughed at him but he took a socket and bent it back, so i gotta give em that they are strong... he still has it and it works fine
  11. wobbleynobbley

    what pipe is good???

    im trying to find a good light pipe for my 03 crf450 thats within a reasonable price range ...not over 1000 any ideas??
  12. wobbleynobbley

    Poll: how much do you weigh...

    im 6'0" and i weigh 136 in street clothes and about 145 in gear i have no problem with my 450 i like it because the smaller you are the farther you fly
  13. wobbleynobbley

    03 suspension

    a racer out at a track told me that if you drop your forks an eighth of an inch from stock it will heavy up the front end just enough to make it handle a lil better in turns and such, i havent done it yet so im not positive if works or not but i plan to next chance i get. also he said you shouldnt have to change the rear suspension because of that
  14. wobbleynobbley

    Poll: how much do you weigh...

    I weigh 130 in street clothes prally 140 in gear and im 6'0 so dont worry about bein too skinny for a 450... i like it, you fly farther
  15. wobbleynobbley

    overheating problem

    i have an 03 crf450 and it overheats... a lot what can i do to stop this... thx