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  1. bill628

    Will somebody please give us an '07 ride report

    I posted a ride report last week. I'm sure you could search 07 and find it. But to sum it up, about like an 06 but with excellent front brakes and just a tad more off idle response. The front brake really allows you to drive deep into a corner before grabbing a handful. Suspension is pretty much the same as it has been for several years now. Turning is pretty good but I think that is more technique than bike.
  2. I just picked up an 07 CRF450for $6845 OTD at Currie Chainsaw/Honda/Suzuki in Lumberton, NC
  3. bill628

    Anyone have an 07 yet?

    I picked up my 07 Thursday and took it out today (Fri). The thing I noticed most was the front brake, it allowed me to drive much deeper into corners before even thinking about grabbing a handful of brake. Someone mentioned push, I think it turns pretty good, better than an 06 YZF450 for sure, and that is a bike I proclaimed the best ever (but you guys see when push comes to shove it is Honda all the way). On my 03 CRF450 I had an over-sized rotor and it wasn't this good. As for the motor it is a little stronger off the bottom than an 06 but not enough to really matter. It didn't change what I do now as far as hitting jumps from the inside line it just took a little less effort. As for mid and up it has the same hyper drive as the 06, well, that is how I explain it. The suspension is basically what Honda has had for the last several years. At my weight and speed (240lbs and +30B) the suspension hammers me at race speed, cruising with my buddies and having fun it exhibits no ill effects. All I need is stiffer springs and I'm good to go. So to sum it up, better front brakes, motor has a tad more bottom and the suspension is the same as previous years. Almost forgot to mention I also crashed over an 80 footer and wasted the Renthals so off to the shop to pick up some over-sized bars.