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  1. Mike Shade

    gytr ttr problem

    No, and I have a big bore on it and I run a little k&n style filter on the crank case breather, I'm going to check my valves maybe the exhaust is not opening enough and I'm pushing it through the case ( if I'm lucky ) thanks.
  2. Mike Shade

    gytr ttr problem

    I've got a ttr 50 with a gytr 84cc kit with carb and more I use it to ride with my four year old on his stock ttr, the bike always rips but this weekend when we got home from riding I fired it up and it was puking oil out my crank case breather filter, is there a common fix or do I need to rebuild the top end, still seems to have good compression as I push start it always. any ideas would help before I just build it again. It gets ridden hard and abused but that is what it likes. Thanks.