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  1. pevateaux

    KDX 220 or KX125

    What parts will cross over with the least amount of work? I've found some KX fork sets on ebay. What years will cross over to the KDX?
  2. pevateaux

    KDX 220 or KX125

    Thanks for the input, I'll probably go with the KDX if someone here doesn't make me a deal I can't refuse on a 250 2stroke.
  3. pevateaux

    KDX 220 or KX125

    I have always been leaning more towards the KDX. I am a experienced trail rider but I don't like riding wide open. I'm going to check out the KDX, what they are asking for it is only a little below NADA value. They probably want the money for Christmas or the wife is screaming for them to get rid of it. I don't want to blow a bunch of money, just a solid, dependable trail bike that rips.
  4. pevateaux

    KDX 220 or KX125

    I haven't checked out either of the bikes yet. I know I can get the KDX to kick ass with a few mods but the old school forks are a real downer.
  5. pevateaux

    KDX 220 or KX125

    I just want to get an opinion. I recently sold my 2005 KLX 300R, now I realized I made a mistake getting rid of it. I have found a couple used bikes for sale, a 1999 KX 125 for $1700 and a 2002 KDX 220 for $1350. I do nothing but single track trail rides out here in Hawaii. I know the KDX is a great trail bike but I was wanting more snap out of my KLX I had. So I was thinking the KX w/ a flywheel weight and 18" rear would work great too. Also I weigh about 160, that's my concern for the 125. Just looking for a second opinion/sanity check. Thanks
  6. pevateaux

    4stroke or 2stroke

    I ride a 2005 KLX300R and I am thinking about switching to a KTM 125SX, because I trail ride in Hawaii an the island of Oahu. I am 5'8" 165lbs the trails are tight and the KLX is great but it's heavy and I want something with quicker snap. I have also been considering a YZ125. What are some suggestions?