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  1. I know I'm kind of 2 years later... But I'm just facing the same problem. I broke the headlight glass. Yamaha genuine part is about 176 € here in Italy, which is way too much. Do you guys have any suggestion to repair it at a more reasonable cost without buying a new aftermarket one? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just to inform you that I mounted leak jet #60 and the bog is now removed! Engine response has dramatically changed! I tested the bike almost in all weather and soil conditions. Thanks to all!
  3. I had the number, taken from here, but my dealer said it doesn't exist in Italy. Then you told about YZ450F jets. I asked the dealed again and turned out that jet does exist. The "problem", apparently, was a slightly different part no. Instead of being 4JT-1494F-07-00 it is 4TJ-1494F-11-00. I have no idea whether it's a Yamaha italy mistake or a different code because it's for a different bike. The point is that I've found the right jet! Thank you guys!
  4. That's the point. In the Italian Service Manual, the only jet available are the following: As you can see, you can't go smaller than a #65.
  5. I took a look at the Yamaha site and you're right! I'll ask my dealer to check. Thanks!
  6. I have _some_ problem with the german language... But I'll try a bit harder! Yes I have! They suggested me to buy a "personalized" kit (90 € worth) with a needle, main jet and pilot jet, and they advised against modifying anything related to the AP and Leak Jet (which is worth 11 €). So I don't trust them too much!
  7. #40 part number is: 4JT-1494F-11-00
  8. Actually I mounted a #60 a few days ago, and I tested it in the garage and seemed ok!. Tomorrow I'll go off road for the final test! The #50 jet is for a friend of mine, who has different settings than me and needs a richer AP. That's why I need it. :-)
  9. Hi to everybody. Trying to solve the famous bog problem, I've just found out that leak jet smaller that #60 are not in the Yamaha italian market. I called Yamaha Italy itself, but they told me "it's not in our catalog". I know you're almost all from the states, but it's worth trying: Can any of you guys suggest me a way to buy one simple #50 leak jet? I saw a couple of american sites that sell it, but the shipping/handling costs are just too much for a simple jet! Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance. -- Federico Genova - Italy