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  1. Sed74

    04 wr250f replacement headlight lens

    I know I'm kind of 2 years later... But I'm just facing the same problem. I broke the headlight glass. Yamaha genuine part is about 176 € here in Italy, which is way too much. Do you guys have any suggestion to repair it at a more reasonable cost without buying a new aftermarket one? Thanks in advance.
  2. Sed74

    Leak Jet in Italy

    Just to inform you that I mounted leak jet #60 and the bog is now removed! Engine response has dramatically changed! I tested the bike almost in all weather and soil conditions. Thanks to all!
  3. Sed74

    Leak Jet in Italy

    I had the number, taken from here, but my dealer said it doesn't exist in Italy. Then you told about YZ450F jets. I asked the dealed again and turned out that jet does exist. The "problem", apparently, was a slightly different part no. Instead of being 4JT-1494F-07-00 it is 4TJ-1494F-11-00. I have no idea whether it's a Yamaha italy mistake or a different code because it's for a different bike. The point is that I've found the right jet! Thank you guys!
  4. Sed74

    Leak Jet in Italy

    That's the point. In the Italian Service Manual, the only jet available are the following: As you can see, you can't go smaller than a #65.
  5. Sed74

    Leak Jet in Italy

    I took a look at the Yamaha site and you're right! I'll ask my dealer to check. Thanks!
  6. Sed74

    Leak Jet in Italy

    I have _some_ problem with the german language... But I'll try a bit harder! Yes I have! They suggested me to buy a "personalized" kit (90 € worth) with a needle, main jet and pilot jet, and they advised against modifying anything related to the AP and Leak Jet (which is worth 11 €). So I don't trust them too much!
  7. Sed74

    Leak Jet in Italy

    #40 part number is: 4JT-1494F-11-00
  8. Sed74

    Leak Jet in Italy

    Actually I mounted a #60 a few days ago, and I tested it in the garage and seemed ok!. Tomorrow I'll go off road for the final test! The #50 jet is for a friend of mine, who has different settings than me and needs a richer AP. That's why I need it. :-)
  9. Sed74

    Leak Jet in Italy

    Hi to everybody. Trying to solve the famous bog problem, I've just found out that leak jet smaller that #60 are not in the Yamaha italian market. I called Yamaha Italy itself, but they told me "it's not in our catalog". I know you're almost all from the states, but it's worth trying: Can any of you guys suggest me a way to buy one simple #50 leak jet? I saw a couple of american sites that sell it, but the shipping/handling costs are just too much for a simple jet! Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance. -- Federico Genova - Italy