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  1. gaston2667

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Maintenance mechanic at a dairy, a smelly dirty nasty job but it pays for my habit. I race the bomber class in SIDRA, I just wish there were more people in my class. 1998 Husqvarna TE 410
  2. gaston2667

    1990 Husqvarna 510tc

    I have a 1998 Te 410 and when cold it starts every time with the choke on no throttle and kick But hot is another story, if you start it quickly then it will start with nothing extra, but if you let it sit for a few minutes it seems to flood. So what I do is take breaks on hills and roll start it. If I eat crap at the bottom of a hill then I turn the fuel off let it sit and start it before I turn the fuel bad on. But I am rather impatient....LOL
  3. gaston2667

    Help with tire Decision

    I like the Dunlop 756 which I used for many years, I recently switched to a set of Maxxis desert IT and they work great for sand and the hard packed stuff and I was amazed at the life that I got out of them. If there is moisture on the ground then watch out your bike will hook up like mad!
  4. gaston2667

    Husqvarna - Ordering Parts ?

    just go to Hall's Husqvarna online and you will find it very easy to orer what you need
  5. gaston2667

    Swiss guys need help to plan a US trip

    Come to Idaho, you can ride for days and never cover the same trail twice. April will be EPIC riding!
  6. gaston2667

    Dead te 410

    The guy with the dead 1998 Husqvarna TE 410....well no longer dead. Goerge Erl was on the money!!! He is the man! I just wanted to thank everone for all the help, turns out the magnets moved. I took them out re-glued them at 10 degrees BTDC and it fired on the third kick. The best part of it all is now I have a fresh motor and cool weather to ride. Thanks to all, Brad 1998 Husqvarna TE 410 ( Euro model )
  7. gaston2667

    Did you ever see these bikes

    there hand made bikes, there fast and handle well, but on the other hand they only make a couple thousand a year
  8. gaston2667

    Water crossings...

    Front tire in the air, on the throttle, third gear....that would be my method of maddness!!!!!!!!
  9. gaston2667

    All time fastest most radical dirt bike

    1985 Husqvarna 500 CR.....There ad said "FASTER THAN MOST CAN HANDLE" I also like the 1999 Husqvarna TE 610 topping out at 125 mph
  10. I also have twins that are special needs and I was wondering how I could get them to ride. One of them is real inerested but the other isn't, so maybe just one will ride. I think next year they might be ready. GREAT WORK MAN!!!!!!!
  11. gaston2667

    Something unique about your bike?

    My bike is a 1998 Husqvarna TE 410, the Husqvarna shop tells me that they didn't import 410's in 98'. They do not have a microfich fo my bike. Everything I order for it turns out to be a pain in my balls!!
  12. gaston2667

    why do some people have to be pricks?

    No question for me, I wouldn't ride there. They are closing more trails every year. BUT!!!! If your in the right, I would roost his ass!!!!!!
  13. gaston2667

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    Started riding in 1977....my first bike was a yamaha trail master 90
  14. Did anyone ask about Honda? Or....maybe you Honda guys just can't read? :@