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  1. Change it. Trans will shift better. ATF Dextron- Mercron fluid in trans. Check manual to be 100%sure. Gear oil 80/90 weight, posi-additive if its a positrack rear. Don't use Mercron-V in trans. 2 types of Mercron. Do transfer case also if 4WD. ATF.
  2. Thermostat would be at waterpump outlet side. Hot coolant would be pushed against it. Bypass has me questioning if its needed or not. I agree all coolant flow would stop when T-stat is closed. But for how long, before it got hot enough to open. A small by pass could be added before T-stat, MAYBE. Hose is short at pump outlet.
  3. Does anyone use a thermostat on Wr 426? In cold temps. engine runs cooler.I'm talking 32 and below. I searched for inline T-stats that fit in radiator hoses, with little luck. I've seen KTM uses them on some bikes. Dirt Bike or Dirt Rider had an article a while back about covering 1 radiator with something to block the airflow. Any info. about T-stat would help.