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  1. Honda

    We have an 97 foreman 4x4. It started running bad, cutting out at half throttle - kinda like a dirty carb. Replaced the gas and cleaned the carb several times, didn't help. We put a spark plug tester on it and when it starts running bad (pops back through the pipe, back fire) we are not getting any spark at this time. Checked the coil, it checked out good. Checked conections, switches, ect. Wondering if the stator is the problem, not able to get a reading from it with our multimeter when we turn it over. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks!
  2. Honda

    It should run w/ no battery, shouldn't it? What ever is supposed to be charging up the coil/battery isn't working.
  3. Hello, We have an 98 Forman 400 4x4. The battery is not charging, we took all the connections from battery box area and cleaned them (they didn't look dirty). Checked fuses ect.. The battery wouldn't keep charge. When we have it running and unhook the battery, it dies. Any suggestions on where to look next? Thanks!!
  4. We're getting spark, adjusted valve clearance, cleaned the carb, the timing marks line up w/ the "T" on the flywheel and the mark on the cam sprocket w/ the mark on the casting on the case. We can put starting fluid and/or fuel in the sparkplug hole and nothing at all. Blows out the exhaust and sparkplug hole when turning over. No popping, backfire or anything. Does anyone have any idea? Bent intake valve????? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I say you're on to something. I do like "Thumper Talk Rules" though.
  6. What does "TTR" stand for, if anything????
  7. This bill was created under a Rebulican.
  8. 1" OD 1/4" thick steel. (old post we used to play horse shoes with)
  9. Here's the one I made a couple weeks ago out of scrap metal we had laying around.
  10. I see, Thanks. May do that.
  11. That's cool!!!
  12. Sounds good! Thanks!
  13. I like to see that chain guide mod RideEnduros. Thanks
  14. SWEET!
  15. Well, here it is. Some scrap metal, welding rod, and black paint (didn't have blue in rattle can). Was able to keep the stock skid plate, had to cut it a little. Heavier than the BBR, but a lot cheaper !!