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  1. The motosportz stand works great. Depending on the frame you may need to add spacers or even bend it out for clearance. Once you have it positioned right you can forget about it. I don't know of any other out there.
  2. That's great! Even more sure I made the right decision, picking mine up this week. Did you rejet it, use a jd kit? Thanks
  3. The June issue of TBM (Brit mag) has a review of a 2009 beta rr450 in the end they say they don't understand why there aren't more of them out on the trails.
  4. In the article they gave it to the KTM beacause of the electric start.
  5. That's a great photo:ride: I noticed you had a wr250 before, is the 125 nicer to ride? Can you putt around on the 125 or 250 for when I ride with the kids? Thanks
  6. With it 70 F outside the bike idling for 5-10 mins choke is off. Should it stall when twisting the throttle hard? It doesn't change at all from idle just stalls. Thanks I'll try the pilot screw.
  7. Newbie here, I have a 01 xr250. After it has warmed up and I twist the throttle fast the engine dies, this is in neutral. If I twist it slower then the engine will accelerate without hesitation. Would it be the carb needs to pulled apart and cleaned? Thanks
  8. Hi, been lurking here for a while trying to decide on a first dirt bike? I'm male 5'10" 190lbs 39yrs young. Had a Yamaha RD350, Susuki gs550 back 20 years ago for the street. About 2 years ago my friend had me take out his Honda cbr600 for about an hour, didn't wreck but man was I stiff/sore after not being on a bike for 17 years . Have a chance to get a KLX 331, would this be a good choice to start trail riding, some single track, larger trails and putting around with my son on his crf50. Thanks for any help Kelly