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  1. If someone rides w/Ape hangers and they think it helps them ride better, it's fine w/me as long as their out there having fun. 8)
  2. Sorry, absent for awhile. As a matter of fact yes but not sure that has much to do w/it. Grew up on bikes, started at 9 yrs old till 23 or so then last bike l had RM 250 sold because there was no one to ride bikes with. Had a three wheeler in there for about 6 mo. and took soil samples more in that time than all of bike time lol. Never considered quad because of bad time w/3 whs. but met some new people and 17 yrs later sold last quad KTM 525 XC (bare w/me) got board, and wanted to get back to my real passion. 1st real ride back on 2 was W.V. and had real hard time controlling throttle on tech. climbs and some whiskey throttle in rough terrain. It was bringing me down because l used to be real fast. After my conversion and a little time getting used to l am faster on the bike now than l used to be on quads (and l have trophied before in GNCC's on quad) absolute control in any situation and no uphill, whoops, rollers, whiskey throttle arm pump outta control holding on twist throttle action just makes more sence because their is no more holding on to your throttle any more. I stand up and ride agressively over the bars most of the time run in front again.
  3. Best bike by far l have ever had, or will.
  4. Convert to a thumb throttle like me and as soon as you get use to it you will wonder why they ever put a twist throttle on a dirt bike. I know i know, but as soon as you stop laughfing and think about it l gaurentee you will love it. I ride a 2012 300xc w/GPR Stabilizer and full blown MX Tech suspention. I am a fast B rider, GNCC, Hare Scrambles and Trail rider my confidence doubled and l would NEVER go back. Just food for thought. 8)
  5. Just as much power, different delivery, shorter legs bigger Smile. 2012 KTM 300XC came off a 08 KTM 525. Not for lazy riders. Huge fun.