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  1. duecebigalow

    690smc vs drz400sm

    Hey man, I've got an smc and have ridden standard and modified drz400sm's. They're really quite different bikes, the 690 pretty much has twice the power to weight ratio of the drz, I guess you have go decide at 16 whether you need a bike that powerful. I'd say in my experience the drz is more reliable, the ktm needs a bit more looking after and will most likely have a few niggly issues.
  2. duecebigalow

    Modern four stoke reliablility, 09CRF450 carnage..

    Nice, how bout a few pics and what you had to do as you go
  3. duecebigalow

    CR500 competetive?

    Oops, i was spouting about an SXV having more power but now that i read your post i see you said single cylinder:bonk:
  4. duecebigalow

    CR500 competetive?

    Have you guys ridden an SXV550?! I know 5 guys racing those for supermoto & they're pretty much the top riders here in New Zealand & those bikes have got some power, 70hp standard, theres no way a cr500 has got that straight outta the box. Time has moved on for the 500, its not the top dog anymore.
  5. duecebigalow

    CR500 competetive?

    Ha! i think that vid says it all about racing a 2-stroke supermoto, if you can handle your back wheel spinning up & stepping out when you roll on the throttle at full lean then go for it!
  6. duecebigalow

    Which MX bike for dedicated sumo track & MX

    I've got an 07 Crf250r that i sometimes used to use for supermoto (have all the gear on a 450r now) and it was awesome. I haven't actually ridden the X model but i do know my R will fairly easily outperform one under acceleration, i'm sure you could get an X to go as fast but then it's probably not going to be any different in terms of maintenance etc.. if its in that higher state of tune.
  7. duecebigalow

    so what's up with the transmission drain bolt?

    Weird, i've got 85 hours on mine with a ton of oil changes & i haven't replced the washer yet! I'd still like to know if there's a cheaper alloy washer than the Honda one tho.
  8. duecebigalow

    CRF 450 Engine rebuild

    I would happily use aftermarket gaskets for the whole engine apart for the head gasket, i always use oem for that. Maybe its just bad luck but the 2 bikes i've had with aftermarket head gaskets have blown them at low hours & once i've put oem in its never been a problem.
  9. duecebigalow

    When do you change your piston

    Did my 07 at 65 hours but i don't reckon it needed it, would wait till 80 or so probably next time. That was mostly trails with a bit of mx & supermoto thrown in, oil changed every 5-6 hours with semi synthetic.
  10. duecebigalow

    Has anyone tried the Power Now for your Crf450

    You want more throttle response from a 450 mx bike!! What kind of a beast are you?!!
  11. duecebigalow

    450r for fun and play? stupid?

    I'd go for a good 07 CRF450R with no hesitation, it'll last forever if you're not riding it too hard. I've got an 07 450r & 250R and both have been sweet as, the 250's done 82 hours trailriding, mx & supermoto & i haven't even had to adjust the valves yet. Don't get a flippen 2-stroke for putting around wth the kids theres nothing worse than a 250 2-strokes jerky on off power for that type of riding! plus the plug will probably foul constantly.
  12. duecebigalow

    '06 CRF250R forks on an '03 CRF450R...

    Be easier just to buy a used 04 or newer caliper than to try & get your one to fit.
  13. I wanna get a spare set of wheels to fit wet tyres to for my 07 CRF450R but haven't got a lot of cash so am gonna buy used ones, can't find a set of Honda ones but theres a ton of KTM ones around for cheap. Anyone tried putting them on a honda, i think KTM's have bigger axles? is that right?
  14. duecebigalow

    07 Gearbox jumping from 5th to 4th, only 8 hrs old!

    Weird, i never bothered pulling apart my engine to rebuild the gearbox because i had a few races coming up at tracks where i never get into 5th gear, anyway did a race yesterday at the track where i first had trouble slipping out of 5th & it ran fine all day! Whats up with that?!! I did notice that the gearbox oil was in bad condition (supermoto, slipper clutch) after i drained it the day i was having the problems (had 5 hours on it) & i've since been changing it every 2 hours but i can't see shagged gearbox oil causing gear jumping? Anyway i'll run with it & hopefully it keeps going for me.
  15. duecebigalow

    Sportbikes to Supermoto

    Yeh don't get a DRZ400 man those things are gutless (owned one & ridden a heavily modified one) , i've got a CRF250 & thats got more snap than those. I've got a CRF450 for supermoto & thats freakin awesome but i'd get a KTM690SMC for road duties, tons of grunt, low maintenance & doesn't feel much bigger than my CRF. I've owned big bore sports bikes but prefer the supermoto everywhere except on long high speed runs, 80mph+ is just way more comfortable on a sports bike if you're at that speed for a while.