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  1. ricksyz250mx

    07 head work on a 06

    a friend gave me a 2007 kx450f head i was wondering if this head will fit my 2006 kx450f.i was going to have it rebuilt while i ride my bike then when i get it back rebuilt the top end .so i need too know if this will fit. the 07 head on a 06 motor .thanks:ride:
  2. ricksyz250mx

    hub bolt hole's kx 450f

    i need too know how tight the spocket bolt's should be in the hub not the tork setting's mine can loose the bolt's that is and i don't remeber them fitting that loosely before but don;t remeber.i cought the loose bolt's after a first ride when i came in only rode a few lap's so the hole's look ok but just woundering about the bolt holes size i miked them but they seem too loose to me.
  3. ricksyz250mx

    spocket bolts

    thank's for the info on torking the bolt's but what i need too know is how loose are the spocket bolt's in the hub hole i don't remeber them fitting in the hole's loose.this what i need too know becasue if they fit tight i need a new hub.thank's
  4. ricksyz250mx

    spocket bolts

    06 kx450f rear spocket bolt holes .how tight do or should these bolts fit in the hub.mine came lose and i ordered a new set but i,m not too sure that the hub hole's are good .checked the old one's first and then the new one's and there the same, lose.they don' look egg shape but too the eye they could be.need too know if it's time for a new hub.thank's.
  5. ricksyz250mx

    counter shaft nut 2006 kx450f

  6. ricksyz250mx

    counter shaft nut 2006 kx450f

    can anybody tell what way too turn the counter shaft nut too loosen it i can,t remember.righty too loosen or lefty too loosen.and have you guy,s had trouble getting your,s off.give me some help.thabk,s:foul:
  7. ricksyz250mx

    Coolant Smell

    i,ve got cv4 y hose,s on a2006 kx450f and i smell the same thing as you guy,s no leak,s either any where
  8. ricksyz250mx

    pro wheel rim,s kx450f

    has any one of you used the pro wheel rim,s.i got a set of gold one,s for my 06 kx450f, i,m relacing them my self.should i use water proof grease or anti seez compound on the spoke nipple,s .going to relace tonight.thank,s for your help.
  9. ricksyz250mx

    pc ti4 muffler repack

    this off a 07 kx450f,what the best way to repack this muffler.need some help here.it,s way to loud.
  10. ricksyz250mx

    hot start plugger

    my son,s 07 kx450f hot start plugger is stuck,can you guy,s give me some pointer,s on getting this thing out freed up it,s stuff pretty good.what kind of lupe would loosen this up if any.thank,s
  11. what is the best way to put your fork,s back in line after a crash.need a little help .want to make sure every thing is in line the way it,s suppose to be.
  12. ricksyz250mx

    06 kx450f sub frame

    doe,s any body know for sure if a 06-08 kx250f sub frame will bolt up to a 06-08 kx450f.i need one really bad,let,s hear what you all have too say.thank,s may be you guy,s might have one.
  13. ricksyz250mx

    What kind of gear do you guys have ?

    a-stat tech 10-tech 8 boot,s,fox blitzs gear,fly 208 gear just got this gear and every bit as good as fox gear, really like the stuff,fox air frame protector,the best one out there, bell moto 8,these are the only helmet,s i,ll where great fit light ,scott and oakly google,s either one are really good fitting,astrisk knee brace,s good fit and work good saved my knee,s a few time,s,i,m going too get a leatt brace but for now i wear a evs neck roll.
  14. ricksyz250mx

    this bike haul,s ---i crashed my 07

    can you put a pic up.i,m interested in these.thank,s
  15. ricksyz250mx

    this bike haul,s ---i crashed my 07

    i crashed my new 07 kx450f any body got a rear sub frame,top triple clamp.had a 06 i like both of them but this bike hall,s --- ,how much diff are the cyl head,s on the 06 from the 07.can any of you kx450f tt er,s help me out.