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  1. xrlke

    Rotella T Kool-aid

  2. xrlke

    Dave's Mods Questions

    You can use the stock spring. I didn't have any trouble and I don't think i've heard of any problems. Also, IMHO, I would keep the oil separator. I doesn't do any harm and keeps the oil from entering the intake system.
  3. xrlke

    XR650L - 40 Tooth Rear Sprocket

    With 108 links instead of the stock 110 links, i think my chain adjusters were in the lowers 30's or so with the 15/40 setup.
  4. xrlke

    XRL 42T rear sprocket options?

    Here is what I have found out about the smaller rear sprocket options for the XRL. The older jtr210 sprockets had two sets of holes for mounting. One set for the xrl and the other was the tapered hole that you see now. The newer jtr210 sprockets only have the tapered holes, which fit the XRRs and many other bikes, according to the jt website. I am currently running the new jtr210 sprocket with tapered holes. This set up is easily done with enlarging the tapered holes slightly to accommodate a 3/8 tapered, allen head bolt. The 3/8 bolts fit right in the holes with no problems on the XRL hub. I went to ace hardware and found the tapered bolts. They are stainless and I used a washer and nylock on the backside. I have used this method for over 7,000 miles so far with no problems at all. Check out jt's website with all of the sprockets you can get with this setup. It greatly improves the availability of sprockets that can work.
  5. xrlke

    son of a....

    Yep, just like Horri said, just crack that banjo bolt a hair and verify oil flow when idling after the oil change. Rotella T is one of the best choices. I bought my 06 new, changed the oil after the first 150 miles or so and have been using 10w30 rotella T since. 17,000 miles later, I have yet to add any oil between changes or have any oil related issues so far. I change it every 1000 miles also.
  6. That's the right move, IMHO. I've always had good luck with oem parts and never any quality issues with oem parts on these bikes. Most of the time the price difference between aftermarket and oem isn't a whole lot either. After 7+ years of dealing with oem and aftermarket parts in the outdoor power equipment business, oem parts rarely give you any problems. Besides, with brake components, I'd rather not take any chances or have any second thoughts while cruising down the road. Also, thanks spud for the many detailed posts here and over at adv. I envy the places you get to see and ride, compared to Illinois.
  7. The bad part is you have to pull the right side crankcase cover off. The pulse generator just mounts with two 10mm headed bolts. If you look at the right side cover at the front, near the oil hoses, you will see the wires coming out and heading up the frame to a connector. I'm not familiar with your other starting problems, but it could be. Section 15-6 of the service manual shows the testing and resistance values. The service manual is in the sticky at the top of this section. Also, others have tested it, had it test good, and still had it causing problems. For me, it always tested bad.
  8. I have had this issue a few times on my 06 XRL, and each time it has been the pulse generator. They aren't too expensive to replace. Before this finally fixed it the first time, I had replaced the coil and the CDI. I had checked every wire and ground and kept coming up with bogus resistance readings on the pulse generator. The stock one lasted till about 10,000 miles and then the next one lasted to about 16,500 miles. I have not had one issue since they were replaced until they obviously went bad again, lol. Definitely one of the lesser problematic electrical issues, but I have seen others having problems on here in the past and on other forums.
  9. I have run an avon roadrunner on the rear for a few years and usually get about 4500 miles out of it. The front has had an avon am20 on it and it sticks really well, yet wears like iron. I had over 10,000 miles on it before I replaced it last time just because it was getting old. I think both of the tires are around $100 a piece. 100% road riding for me.
  10. Just got back today from a trip to lexington ohio to see the superbike races. We stayed in columbus and rode about 130 mile round trip sat and sun. The race was canceled sun due to the rain. My buddies talked me into riding out there with them from here in Illinois, as they each rode crotch rockets. I stayed behind and followed them the whole way, at about 70-85 mph, and the XRL didn't give me any problems. The 15-40 gearing, road tires, oil cooler, and standard carb mods all made the trip better. Sore butt is the only problem, especially after about a 430 mile ride fri to columbus and then back home today. Long live the XRL, as mine bought in Feb 06 now has 11,039 miles:ride:
  11. Another vote for the supertrapp IDS2. It definitely added some power to mine, along with the next bigger jet too. Sounds alot better, seems a little lighter, and looks a hell of alot better than the stock exhaust.
  12. xrlke

    XRL's can't push 70mph for 2 hrs?

    It can do it, as I have done it a few times with only stopping to fill up every so often. The standard daves mods and 15/40 gearing is all that I did before I rode these distances. The gearing on my bike is because I never take mine offroad, and I also have road tires. Stock gearing is about as short as I would go for any long travel time at those speeds. Never heard about the cdi being a common problem, as after 8600 miles since I bought mine new in Feb 06, I have yet to have any trouble at all.
  13. xrlke

    Chain advice

    There is an ebay guy that has a store with 120 link, precut did o-ring chains for 60.00 with no shipping charges. I think his id isPetemmd. This is what I am going to order soon to replace my chain. It comes with a clip style master link and the only draw back is that you will have to cut the chain to your own length.
  14. xrlke


    110mph, with all standard mods-rejetting and smog removal, 15-40 gearing, road tires, a back wind, in the summer, held at wide open for a couple of miles on a flat road, and hunched over:thumbsup:
  15. xrlke

    tire info

    I far as I know, the s/t is only for 17 inch wheels. the at is made in 18 inch. I am in the market for a road tire also, as i am looking at the distanzia or the pirelli at. My stock tire with 2300 miles on it is like a drag slick in the center