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  1. gulley04

    Picking up a 91' kx125 tommorrow**pics**

    I got the bike!! Didnt get back until 12am though so no good pics at the time. It starts on the first kick, idles, shifts good. Only thing It needs is the silencer packed(currently emtpy:naughty: ). Ill get some action pics up shortly
  2. gulley04

    Picking up a 91' kx125 tommorrow**pics**

    I have a compression tester and he told me the top end was new, so we'll see. What kinda compression numbers should I be looking at, what is the acceptable range? I noticed the rear tire, I can pick one up locally pretty cheap. I dont really know how to check the suspension, I can just see how smoothly it operates. Im not going to do a complete resto, just trying to find a cheap, reliable machine to have fun! Thanks for the advice, Im leaving in a couple of hours to get it.
  3. gulley04

    Picking up a 91' kx125 tommorrow**pics**

    Thanks for the frame crack tip, Its a good thing to know certain spots to check when buying a used bike.
  4. gulley04

    Picking up a 91' kx125 tommorrow**pics**

    Hmm, I was looking through bikepics.com at the 90's and 91's. The 90's seemed to have older looking side panels and I didnt see one 125 in the 91's w/blue forks. Im not an expert though, just observations. I checked it again, they do have blue forks, Ive just never noticed them before. Thanks!
  5. I had a mid 90's yz250 this past summer and sold it in October to get a streetbike. I have been missing off-roading ever since and have been on the look-out for a cheap bike for a while. I ran across this 91' kx125 which looks pretty clean, has new top-end, clutch, grips, levers, exc...(little scared on how much life the crank has left) I talked him down to $650. I want your opinion, advice, or story about this model. Im kinda excited about it, just hope I've lost the "big bike disease". Well, here's a couple of pics, Thanks!
  6. gulley04


    Coming from a 150 "play bike" Id definetely get the 125 smoker. Master your skills on it then go for the 250. I think if you were to jump from a 150 trail bike to a 250 race bike you'd never have as much skill as someone that worked their way up. I myself, Made the big jump from a xr100 to a yz250, not the smartest idea. I was scared to death of that bike and im sure someone on a 125 would kick my ass in everything but a drag race, in which they still might win. I sold the 250 and now im on the hunt for a 125 at a good price. Modern 125 smokers have alot more power than someone would think. Bottom Line, Get a used 125, ride the hell out of it, then if you feel it necessary get a 250.
  7. gulley04

    1987 Kx125

    I have been looking for a cheap bike to get back into riding for awhile. I ran across a 90' yz125 for $700(guy hasnt got back to me yet) and a 87' kx125 for $500, which is the reason im here. The bike has all the stock graphics, seat, decals exc... and he said it ran and idled. He didnt know when the last top end was done. All it needs supposedly is a gas cap and the clutch adjusted. What is your opinion of this bike? Should I get it or spend a bit more and get the yz? Here is the link to the bike, http://dallas.craigslist.org/mcy/296538547.html Thanks!
  8. gulley04

    Helmet cam in OKlahoma

    Where are you from? In oklahoma? Im from Ardmore, Ok. I havent been to crosstimbers, but ive been to the Lake Murray ORV riding area a few times and its a blast. If you havent been... Go!
  9. gulley04

    yz 125 problem

    I think thats what was wrong with my yz250, It fell over one night and the next day it had 60%less power. I rebuilt the top-end with no improvement, I dont have the bike anymore. Wish i did, Id clean those suckers good!
  10. I found a 90' yz125 that im pretty interested in buying. The motor has supposedly been gone through and is mechanically sound. It has new tires and all it needs is the side number plates. The guy wants $700 for it, mostly just to cover what he has in the engine. The front forks dont leak and the rear shock is said to be in great shape. My 2 questions are, Is this a good year for the yz125?and; What all years will the side number plates interchange? I appreciate any replys!
  11. gulley04

    yz 125 problem

    +1^^ It also sounds like maybe your clutch is partially engaged, try adjusting it some and see what happens. Diagnose the problem before you buy ANY parts. Good Luck
  12. gulley04

    Honda 84' atc200S flooding out?

    I have been working on a atc200s, pull start, 5speed automatic. It will run pretty good with a new plug but after about 5-7min. it fouls it out. I removed the carbs and soaked them in parts cleaner. It cleaned em up, but it still does the same thing and gas pours out of the breather hose and gas seeps from where the bowl seals. Is it still more trash on the float needle? It runs pretty good when it starts, aslong as you keep giving it gas. The spark plug is sparking, not a real strong one but it sparks. Any help? Thanks
  13. gulley04

    Bad cam chain?? 85' Z50r

    Thanks for the help, ill try to get it done this weekend. Its hard to believe how simple these motors are
  14. gulley04

    Bad cam chain?? 85' Z50r

    Ok, a couple more questions. Is there a write-up on doing this? Will i have to completely remove the top end? I just installed the darn thing Thanks for all the help guys
  15. gulley04

    Bad cam chain?? 85' Z50r

    Thanks, Is replacing the cam chain a big job?