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  1. gonridn

    Helicopter Insurance

    i've earned frequent flyer miles in the careflight helicopter. 2 seperate trips 18 months apart. they billed my insurance 10 grand each time even though on the first trip we were in the air for 55 minutes, and less than 10 on the second trip. thank goodness the insurance companys fullfilled their obligation and i wasn't out any dough. but $45.00 to hedge your bets? wouldn't even hesitate!
  2. gonridn

    Virginia City Motorcyle Marathon

    brent, good to hear you are still around! sent you a pm. next years date has not been set, but looking at sometime in june.
  3. Mr. Counts is dead on! and you had better be able to do it with tire tools sized to fit your fanny pack/tool bag. you run the risk of breaking the wires in the bead using those giant long irons. trying to out horsepower the tire is no substitute for proper technique. gonridn
  4. gonridn

    08 xr650l got it alst night and already a prob.

    one other thing to check would be the speedometer drive unit. the xr's are crated with the front wheel off, and the set-up kid may have simply failed to get the tabs on the drive unit and the front wheel aligned correctly. pretty easy to fix. gonridn
  5. gonridn

    NEW XR650L Question

    what i am trying to say is that canada and american honda are not the same company, and possibly spec their machines differently. folks should be careful of throwing out accusations without doing a little fact checking. unless you are CBS news.
  6. gonridn

    NEW XR650L Question

    of course your importer and distributor is not the same as ours.
  7. just a reminder that the drawing party for starting postions is tonight at the Washoe Club in Virginia City. starts at 5:00pm we will be grilling burgers and dogs, and of course plenty to drink.(it is the Comstock after all ) if you are unable to make it, your numbers will be mailed out to you the first of the week. Hope to see you there!
  8. gonridn

    NEW XR650L Question

    easy there buckaroo! before you start throwing out accusations it's a good idea to do a little checking. plain and simple explanation: 650l came with tool kits from 1993-2000. after that it gets kind of sketchy.2001-04 did not. the 05-06 models did, and the they quit again for 07-08. not sure why. Honda rarely calls me for advice. i have worked in the bike biz for 30 years now, and i take my personal integrity pretty seriously.please do the same.
  9. gonridn

    Virginia City Grand Prix

  10. gonridn

    You might be a deser racer if........

    stretched out in the fancy hospital bed with all kinds of hoses going in and coming out of various holes in me, a nurse asks if i'm going to give up riding. before i can work up the energy to answer, my wife says " of course not, why would he?" it's cool when your wife is a desert racer too! gonridn
  11. gonridn


    folks, on behalf of the VCMC, i would like to say thank you for the positive words here.it makes all the work put into the race worthwhile.glad you guys had a good time! we would have liked to have had a bit longer course, but the map we turned in to BLM came back with some red ink on the squigilly lines and we had to trim it a bit. again, thank you for coming and look forward to seeing you all next year on the last weekend in april! gonridn VCMC referee (i'm the guy that was playing rodeo clown in the scoring chute)
  12. gonridn

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    in regards to the Moriwaki system for the XR650R, we have been in contact with Moriwaki Japan. they have indicated that they will build another run of systems, but ask for a 50 unit order. we are trying to gauge how much interest there is before we commit to another order. please post your comments or you can pm me. thanks! gonridn Big Valley Honda
  13. gonridn

    Virginia City Motorcyle Marathon

    the VCMM is an organized trail ride that has been going on since 1977, to help raise money for disabled or medically incapacitated people. the ride this year is Oct 6-7, which is a friday/saturday.for most people it consists of leaving Virginia City friday morning and driving people and bikes to Tonopah, staying the night, and then riding back to Virginia City saturday on 200 miles of dirt roads and some trails.the riders end up in VC late in the afternoon and parade up and down the street a couple times then end up in the saloon for a huge party and feast. for the past several years however, i have been taking a select few people and riding down to Tonopah on a much more scenic, longer and tougher route. usually 300+ miles, 10 hours or so of riding.this year i have decided to throw out an invitation to the readers of TT to come along. i am looking for a few good riders that want to see some of my favorite dual sport riding in Nevada, have good reliable bikes that will do 500 miles in 2 days, like to have a good time, and most of all be generous to my favorite charity! if this sounds like something you may be interested in , pm me for details. thanks for your interest, gonridn
  14. nope, not backordered! your dealer may not have them in stock, but Honda's parts warehouses have lots of them. gonridn
  15. gonridn

    Good Nevada riding? Tonapah, Belmont?

    good stuff out there! no gas available in either belmont or manhatten, but there is a small motel and rv hookups in mahatten,plus a couple saloons. belmont has a nice b and b and one saloon. closest gas is round mountain/hadley. if you are going in the fall, be sure and time it before or after deer season.that country can get kinda crowded that time of year. there are more miles of old jeep roads,trails,and drag roads than you carry gas for. the delorme maps are a pretty good place to start.tons of books on ghost towns available at the book stores, usually have maps included.look for anything by Stanley Paher. enjoy! gonridn