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  1. MotoFriesen

    Has anybody here ridden a KTM 525?

    Guys, how can you even compare a 525SX to an XR650? Would any of you ever take your XR to the track? I'd take a 650 to ride to work and back but never on the track or even in the woods. The 525 would take the XR in any terrain except on the highway and maybe a baja.
  2. MotoFriesen

    New Owner 525 SX

    Thanks Dave, I agree with staying away from the exc due to extra flywheel weight. I'll check out Baja Designs. I wonder if a local shop that works on electric AC/DC motors could wind the strator for me just as easily? Cheers
  3. MotoFriesen

    New Owner 525 SX

    Hey guys, I have been reading thumper talk for a long time now and finally am writing my first post. I just bought a 2004 KTM 525 SX. It is awesome. My roommate has one also. We live in Nebraska and are considering supermoto kits for the bikes to race and possibly be street legal and to ride motocross on the weekends. Anyways, any details on getting or rewiring the strator to put out more juice so that we wouldn't have to put in a exc strator. The rest of the conversion should be easy enough, I'm just curious as to how to power the lights, blinkers etc. Cheers