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  1. mig1966

    Please help me welcome Dr. Mark...

    welcome Dr. Mark. thanks for all the feedback for the TT community. i never payed attention too much to the posts on everybodies injuries. i guess it was because i have been lucky and avoided them. this past weekend with the guys(Miami Creek, Ca.) changed that. just a simple deep rut pulled my left foot of the peg. twisted it to rear breaking my left fibula at/above the ankle. 4 mile ride back to the truck went to my ortho and she insisted on surgery. wednesday i got a plate and eight screws. is this a common procedure for this type of injury. or should i have gotten a second opinion. or maybe even left it alone (ie cast it and let it heal).secondly my ortho said she will leave the plate in. should this be removed or will it give strength to the bone in the future. Thanks, Mark (Cali)
  2. mig1966

    Fresno area guys going to CC next Sat

    Mike, i'm familiar with it. its real rough. was back there last summer with my team. los gatos is much easier. we really need to get Fat Pete out there or i'm gonna take back my 450.
  3. mig1966

    Wanted to buy: WR250F in SoCal

    bike is ready to go.didn't hear from you on friday.if ur still interested let me know. kinda don't want to put it in the local paper, i get every joker and his brother calling. hope to avoid that. Mark(fresno)559-351-4914
  4. mig1966

    Wanted to buy: WR250F in SoCal

    i'm in fresno. bought a 2003 wr250f from a good friend.the bike sat in his garage for over a year. it has the original tires on it. and the original miles are 197. he bought it new. he hadn't ridden in years. his third time riding he looped it pretty good and never rode again. i replaced the levers and a couple of pieces of plastic. the bike is mint, and has less than 10 hrs on it. i have a 450x, i originally bought the bike to try and get my wife to ride. she wants no part of it. i haven't even listed the bike forsale, i was surfing TT cause a bunch of us are going to ride this week in ridgecrest. i saw your post. the bike is bone stock, i did the gray wire mod this past week and it will go in tommorrow to get jetted by moto one performance. i'm sure the bike won't last. call me if ur interested. Mark 559-351-4914(fresno, Ca)
  5. New to the site. its great. need some advice on getting my 2003 wr250 to run proper. did the grey wire,removed baffle and throttle block. these are the only mods for now. the bike hits nice during the end of mid and go's well at the top. however it bogs terribly on bottom. what pilot and main do i need to go to and are there any other jetting issues i should be aware of. anybody out there have this problem.PLEASE HELP. oh yeah bike is completely stock.thanks