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    Carb HELP!

    Adjusted my valves, they where a little tight, its to late to go get a needle and seat, but first thing on Monday I will pick a new on up and report back. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. jeepguy88

    Carb HELP!

    Turns out part of my leak was the drain screw had left a crack in the float bowl, I got some JB weld drying on it, and will attemp try number #2 after it dries
  3. jeepguy88

    Carb HELP!

    Ok, I will head to the local shop and grap a new needle and float and give that a go. Will a new needle and float have about the right setting? I have never adjusted a float. Thanks
  4. Got a new bike to me, a used 03 KTM 450 mxc. Out riding the other day, Second ride on the bike, its pretty wet and nasty, bike is running great, go to take a break, and the carb starts leaking fuel from the drain valve, I kick and kick and kick, no starty. I get it going rolling down hill and start it, ride for a few more hours no probs no leaks. After a break, we meet up with some friends, time to go ride agian, cant get the bike started, and its not leaking.Finally get it going, and take off from the parking lot, as soon as it gets gas, it dies, start and then go again, and as soon as I left off the gas it dies, so I limp back to the truck. At the truck, I cant get it started again, So a couple of the other guys come over, everyone tries kicking it and getting started, no luck. Im thinking I sucked up something and messed the carb up, we play with the fuel screw on the bottom, and after what seems like a million kicks, we get it close to what seems like decent running condtion, nope, it still dies, with throttle, and dies at idle. So........ Im thinking my carb is just full of junk, It was sitting for awhile from the previous owner..... I go down the the local shop and get some new 2 new jets and new R & D flex jet fuel screw. Take the carb all apart, there was some dirt in there, not as much as had imagened, cleaned everything I could, but my new jets in (the guy at the local shop said it called for the stock jetting, so thats what he sold me), and then reassembled everything. But the carb back, added the fuel tank, and turned the fuel on and it still starts to leak out the bottom of the carb out of the drain hole. I went to kick it over just to see if it would start, and nope. Seems like there is something wrong with my floats, but when I had it apart and looked at it, everything looked pretty good, including the float needle, Im pretty lost at this point. Any help or suggestions on what I should be looking at would be much appreciated. Thanks.