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  1. hey guys in the market 2 upgrade from the old 426 to a 450.......just wondering which is the beta bike coz I'm in Australia and there all AROUND the same price and if i have 2 pay a bit more 4 a 06 coz it's a far beta bike then i will...advantages/disadvantages for each bike??? cheers 4 the help....
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself i also own a 426 01 but i have the ZIp Ty tank and yz seat... bloody awsome difference rides like a yz, looks like a yz but with wr fuel capacity (fuel sits lower)
  3. u old bastards im 21 on a WR 426
  4. thanx boys ordered the Zip Ty tank and SDG seat and the hotstart from the website $400 well spent i rekon... cheers again
  5. which is the best tank the Zip TY 3.25L tank bigger capacity than stock but apparently better or the stock yzf 8L tank??? any other tank suggestions coz i dont ever use all my fuel and the tank is so damn big and bulky... i was thinking the Zip Ty (only $225) one but i think u also have 2 move the hot start??? what r u guys running coz this stock tank is just stupid...
  6. Just a few questions... What does the airbox snorkl look like??? when i take the seat off i can see the air filter it looks the same as my old 2 stroke... does this mean it has been done??? Also i have a full pro-circuit exhust and it runs great. wondering can u cut the grey wire without having to do anything else to the bike??? can i f#@k anything up by doing this as i like how it is running Help appreciated
  7. lol yep good mag 2... I have the WR426 01 so dont know about the breather but i have heard of the little hole in the side of the engine...is this it??? So even with the airbox mod done water over the seat is no problem UNLESS i stack or stop??? Thanx for all the help and sorry 4 the stupid obvious questions...
  8. New to 4 strokes from a yz250... soz 4 the STUPID question... is there anything i need to know or do b4 doing water crossing??? with the bike and whatnot?? and how deep approximately can you go without flooding it??? and if so do you turn it upside down with the spark plug out and crank it over??
  9. i like to stand also so fingers crossed. Thanx for all the help Enjoy the riding...
  10. FTD That looks like the go so slam one of those baby's on with a sticker kit and YZ seat and ill be right... nice bike too. Thanx for all the advice... I just read on the site that it raises the seat height??? ur link. but the fuel sits lower ie. better handling... did you notice the height difference? I'm basicly on 6ft mybe bit taller reassure me coz i orsered it...please.
  11. Thanx for that boys i thought they were full off shit... I guess ill go elsewhere thanxs again...
  12. i asked the shop about this and they said they had to re-shim and do other shit and said no change out of $500 is this true i thought you could just swap the cams over for like $150
  13. has any1 got a 42601 with a wr03 cam in it??? Hows it run??? any problems or other modifications neede to be done??
  14. oh ok thanks for that boys... i might do that grey wire mod and YZ throttle stop......So.... if i wanted the auto-decomp and the YZ cam (timing) then i would buy a 03 YZF Cam?? "If you want auto-compression release AND YZF timing, you need a '03 YZF cam" ThumperFaq Is this true and do i need to muck around with anything else after these mods have been done like jetting ect??? Also how much for a )# YZF cam?? Sorry for the newby questions 2 Strokes are soo much easier!!
  15. I am a new owner of a WR426 01 from a YZ250 and was reading about these free mods... I am going to do the airbox lid, YZ throttle stop and was also thinking of the YZ cam and auto-decomp?? NOT the grey wire...will this matter??? Also how much is the yz cam and auto-decomp where from in Aus can i get my hands on one and does anything else need to be done 2 the bike if i decided to do it??? AND the obviouse questions is; is it worth the money? The bike already has a full Pro-circuit exhust Any help much appreciated