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  1. racepaul

    03 fse 450

    here is a link to a manual http://www.gasgas.com/manuals/fse400-450_motormanual_02-03.pdf it's pretty lame, but it helps.
  2. racepaul

    GASGAS Starting help 03 FSE450

    @ jer500 What gaskets should I check? @ johnnyboy & GasGas17 looks like I have an auto decomp issue. I customized a feeler gauge to fit in where the auto decompression lever hits and the damn thing turns over like a champion. Sooo my questions is this, the bike has under 500 original miles and there is no wear on the decomp lever, how does this happen and more importantly how do I fix it.
  3. racepaul

    GASGAS Starting help 03 FSE450

    O.K. need some help here. Below is a link to a video of what my bike is doing when I try to start it. So far I have done the following. Quick spin starter gear set. New battery kept on a tender. Manual cam chain tensioner. Valve adjustment. Removed cleaned and inspected starter. Visual inspection of sprag clutch Removed and cleaned all grounds. Any ideads or help is greatly appreciated. If I bump start the bike it runs fantastic and idles great, but when I turn it off it won't e-start or kick start. Thanks Paul
  4. racepaul

    Cache Creek CA.

    Looking to go to Cache Creek in Esparto Ca. Anyone have more info than the W2R section or the California OHV web page.
  5. Hi All My neighbor has a 1982 XL500 that is having some carb issues. The bike starts great when cold but smokes a bit with a heavy smell of raw fuel. Runs great above idle but seems to be starving for air at idle. It does have a Supertrap exhaust pipe with 4 disc inserted. He has tried removeing the snorkel from the air box but it does not help. Also the idle adjustment screw is all the way in, if you back it out the bike dies. I forgot the jet sizes, I think he said 135 main and 20 pilot. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. racepaul

    2004 Xr650l Aftermarket Pipe Choices

    if GseMech is not interested in your WB pipe let me know. I am looking for a pipe for my 01 650L. Thanks Paul
  7. racepaul

    Exhaust ???

    Does anyone know if a Pro Circut T4 exhaust can for a 00-06 650R will fit an 01 650L without any major mounting issues. Thanks
  8. racepaul

    XR650L exhaust help

    Thanks for the info very much appreciated
  9. racepaul

    XR650L exhaust help

    I have a question regarding the stock exhaust: After "uncorking" the motor should anything be done to the stock pipe? (ie: cutting the baffle?)