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    I like to ride motorcycles, dirtbikes at OHV parks, tennis, camping, boating at the bay.
  1. GB007

    Ride Report - Long trip cut short - BBM to the rescue

    Gene, Thanks for the report and write up! Great picture of the sunrise! I'm glad you guys are dong O.Kay. I was considering taking a solo ride on my XChallenge from San Diego to Guadalajara, Mexico (through Baja) next week, to attend my nephew's wedding. Then leave the bike in Guadalajara, come back by plane, and later on continue on exploring South on my bike... Now I'm kind of having second thoughts about a solo ride... uhmmm... Take care and wish you a speedy recovery! Martin
  2. GB007

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
  3. GB007

    Baja 1K and Guadalupe Canyon Pics

    More pictures from this trip: This is the whole view of the old grade Racer going through our area Trophy Truck My son enjoying Guadalupe Canon This hot springs pools felt great after a long ride to the camp More on dry lake bed Another shot of Team Kiosko 1600 class Ups, almost got my bike (Harley Davidson Team) Canon de Guadalupe is an awsome place And we had fresh HOT coffee early in the morning!!! This was a great ride! First time I see Baja 1000 race and Canon de Guadalupe! Thanks to our leader Joaquin, 2wheels, and the rest of our group! Another great adventure!
  4. Hey Ken, congrats! I guess it was worth the wait... I'm glad I did not sell you my 06... Martin (husky4me)
  5. GB007

    BMW XChallenge

    To me the XChallenge is a very well balanced bike. This means it will do very well on different type of situations. On the road it is smooth, comfortable for short streches of pavement. But then, you can go on hard technical trails full of mud, rocks, water crossing, sand. If you see some jumps, then you can jump, race around, and have lots of fun! I would not recommend it to go on hundreds of miles of paved roads (the seat and ergos are not for long, long rides). But, you can travel 100 miles on the road, take a rest, do another 50 miles of dirt, and it does the job with lots of fun! During my Baja trip last weekend, I had been riding for a while on an unpaved road full of rocks, and then there was a sandy road full of jumps, where I just had a blast with the bike! If you could only have one bike, this is the bike to have to do it all (I mean if you want adventure riding, dirt, commute, fun etc).
  6. GB007

    Broken frame my BMW Xchallenge

    Oh, I forgot to mention above. I did brake my skid plate and banjo bolt on my way to Mike's Sky Rancho, while hitting a huge rock. But nothing happened to my frame. While at Mike's there was a XR650R with a huge oil leak as the guy made a whole some place. Are we going to say that XR650R's are weak based on that example? Lets ride...
  7. GB007

    Broken frame my BMW Xchallenge

    :D This is what happens now days with media and internet. You hear something happened some place in the world, and then we all generalize saying it's happening all over the place. We see in the news of a high school shoot up, and then we say, there's shooting everywhere, I won't send my children to school. If we hear of more frames braking, then that would be a trend, but a single reported incident so far, not sure. About the dealer response, he expressed to me that the bike was wrecked, and it would have been a fraud to use the guarantee. In my opinion, BMW dealerships are used to heavy road bikes that can brake on a wreck. Off-roaders are used to light MX and enduro bikes that flip around up-hill, fall and hit, and you picked them up and continue your ride (maybe with a bent shifter etc). The G650X does not seem a bike to trash around like the MX bikes, but still seems strong enough for it's purpose. Nothing has happened to mine on low speed falls with exception of broken mirror screw and scratch paint. So here we go again, one dealership does not take the bike on guarantee assuming that the frame broke due to a wreck; are we going to generalize and say all BMW dealerships and owners would act the same way? Lets ride, enjoy the bike and have lots of fun!!! If we see a pattern of broken frames, then we all get together and sue BMW.
  8. GB007

    KTM versus Husky

    I may be biased, but I really like my TE450 with its short tranny. It's just so much fun all over! I would imagine that if I wanted to commute, or take longer paved roads, then a more spaced tranny would work smooth. My BMW G650X is five speeds and normally spaced, it's smoot and comfortable on the road parts, but it's not as fun and responsive in the dirt. It depends on your style of riding, but if you are thinking more dirt, I would go for the short spaced tranny. If I had to sell one of my bikes, I would keep the husky. It's just a lot of fun!!! My TE450 almost compares with my 02 KTM 300exc two stroke, a little heavier. I understand that the TE510 is longer stroke and may may stronger but smoother. I have never tested the KTM 530exc.
  9. GB007

    BMW/Husky Press Conference at Milan....

    I guess this is the way of production in the world. Get the parts, components, and manufacturing from Country's with cheap labor. I don't criticize BMW, it is a business for profit, but I don't like it. For one thing, I was disappointed when I finally got a BMW motorcycle (when I purchased my G650X), then to look at the manufacturer sticker with a different name (some other name, not Aprilia). Well, I hope all this does not affect the quality of Husqvarna. The way it's coming, I might as well by a Chinese or Taiwan motorcycle for a cheap price, rather than paying premium for a BMW brand actually produced in China.
  10. GB007

    Recall Bmw G650x

    A few months ago I took mine for service to check stalling issue. I found out through advrider about the recall, so I told the service person. They changed it and the stalling stopped (it seems so far). It is important you get it replaced as I have heard stories of the motorcycle stopping in the middle of nowhere. They will take care of it in no time so you can continue to enjoy your awesome bike!
  11. GB007

    BMW G 650 X challenge, just got one!

    There's a thread at advrider about air shock getting puncture by the continues rubbing of the mud-flat. I checked mine tonight and found a wearing spot from the ongoing touching and rubbing of this plastic part. I put some washers in order to separate the whole system away, but I'm not sure if it cured the problem. I would advise others to check their air shocks by removing the mud-flat. BMW probably has to come up with a fix for this (should not be hard). This is the link to that thread: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5427467#post5427467
  12. GB007

    BMW G 650 X challenge, just got one!

    I'm okay with current setup... The only problem is that I have to check the pressure so often as it will go up and down depending on the air temperture. On a Baja ride, by the time I got to my destination (Laguna Hanson in a Hot day), I could not get off the bike since the air pressure increased due to the heat, so it was like super high. Otherwise, it's fine with me... At 5-10, 165 lb, I usually keep it at 85 lb pressure.
  13. I think this bike is for a different type of rider. As others mentioned, someone who wants to do more 50/50 type of riding. To me the husky is exciting, powerful and light! I exchanged my TE450 with a DRZ400 during my last trip to Mike's Sky Ranch (for about 4 miles). The DRZ felt easy, smooth, and actually allowed me to rest for a while. The owner of the DRZ felt my husky was too responsive, too powerful and too loud!!! I love the adrenaline feeling of my husky and would not change it for a DRZ, but there are riders who just want a smooth ride without the responsive power.
  14. GB007

    Japan - Ride report - Shikoku Super Rindo

    Thanks for the report! Beautiful pictures! I have never been to Japan, but always imagine it was just a very big city full of buildings. I did not know the country side is so beautiful and that you actually have great places to ride a dual-sport...
  15. GB007

    Broken frame my BMW Xchallenge

    I was giving the benefit of the doubt to this dealership... I still back up my comments above. I don't believe in generalizing, or assuming. You have your story and I have mine. Sorry to hi-jack your thread, that was not my intention. The reason I made a comment about my service appt. yesterday is because I told you guys I would report my experience with SD BMW. I had no trouble with them before, and the owner has always been cordial. The parts dept. has been great! But one single guy in the service dept. messed up my whole experience with them. I'm trying not to exaggerate, nor bash the company or the dealership. I got angry about my experience, shared it with you guys, but I back up my comment above. I don't waste my life or time being angry. This is just a motorcycle, a brand, corporation and dealership. There are more important things in this life.