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  1. Its not your life choice. Just because this woman decided to be a stripper to pay the bills doesnt take away from your "image". I just honestly dont understand why youre so hostile about it. I mean yea, its not the most respectable profession by any means. I have a few female friends who have been/are strippers. To them it was easy money for a short amount of time. Just because someone is stripping doesnt automatically make them a whore who is discracing the whole female population. And no im not a regular at strip clubs.
  2. mmmm that inside line. MINE!!
  3. OffRoad

    Yea he definately earned it.. Bondo is the man
  4. OffRoad

    Vote for my buddy Bobby Bonds. http://www.cyclenews.com/poll/default.asp
  5. good post
  6. Pirelli's are good tires. Other than mounting them, they are a huge PITA!
  7. Depending on how hard i ride i replace tires every 4-5 rides or so. A ride = a practice day at the track or 1 race. I replace tires before every race then by the time the next race comes its usally time for new rubber. Works out pretty good this way. New tires makes a HUGE difference.
  8. +1 on that. I learned the hard way as well.
  9. MOAR!!!!
  10. I think if you rode it on the track your opinion would change. I know my earlier post was not meant to be harsh or say that your opinion was wrong by any means. The new crf does have a touchy throttle. Too touchy?? thats a matter of opinion. If you were to ride it on the track you would notice that the power delivery is very smooth in comparision to previous years. The power is still there no doubt but it very manageable and easy to ride. Ive also ridden the FI RMZ and to be 100% honest it felt a lot more linear than the honda did, almost like an electric bike. Weather that is good or bad isnt up to just one person, i personally didnt care for it. Even the crf would take some getting used to for me.
  11. Ive ridden a few different 09's the throtle response is great. I dont however see how this is a bad thing??? No bog, no hesitation just gas and it goes. It does however feel a little linear compared to the carbed bikes.
  12. Pouring here, started last night and hasnt stopped.