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  1. mahanama

    Poor Idle speed

    Hi I change the Jet settings and try to set the idle speed by changing the Pilot screw one and half turn out(air nut) and Throttle stop screw. But nothing changed How do I adjust it pls. (if turn the air nut in and out it seem no diferent.What should hapen when turning the air nut) pls explain tks maha
  2. mahanama

    Poor Idle speed

    Hi My TTR250 has no idle speed and when starting I have to pull the Starter Plunger. So I change the Jet needle position from 3 to 2 and adjusted the idle speed. After adjusting the bike starts properly without pulling the Starter Plunger and idle speed works great. Now more smoke comes out when it is in idle speed and my trial run I understand that the bike doesn't pickup well and its' likely to stop the engine when pull the throttle. How do I adjust my carb properly and what reason to more smoke. tks maha