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    New to trials; thoughts on a TLR250

    Just came across this post. No the bike is not an RTL or a 91 TLR nor does it have a disc brake. What you are looking at is a 1986 Honda TLR250R ref the URL you posted http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y127/Oops_I_Roosted_Again/untitled.jpg Anyhow, I have on of these. They are a fantastic and rare bike and certainly worth the 1,500 US dolars mentioned. Honda simply cannot afford to make bikes like this anymore. Whilst the RTL makes more money and is an HRC offering the the Honda TLR250R - G was introduced in 1986 as a Trial sport motorcycle for the Japanese market. The 2 previous models were the TLR200 and the TLR250 - F twinshocks. I believe there is also a later H model in 1987. The TLR250R - G is 244cc and a monoshock 4 stroke with six speed box and makes a great trail/trial (easy course) bike. It needs gearing down for trials. It has two fuel tanks. One in the normal position and one under the seat. The air intake is in the headstock. I have plently of info on my pages about this bike here:- http://john.rushworth.com/pics/tlr250r-g/ Hope that helps.... John (from Scotland sometime SSDT rider, sometime Beamish Suzuki Rider in California...) R.