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    Riding (when have chance to ride because of lack of access to a bike, is that possible, YEA.
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    Where are all the old timers?

    BC, My name is Camden Hocking. And just to reply to some stuff you commented on a while back. Well you can probably obviously tell that I am the son of Rick Hocking. But also Sonny Kenyon was my Grandfather and Allen Kenyon is my uncle. And so, yes he is doing very good. Better than I thought any of that that family would be doing by this time and date. Looking back on the crazy bastards. You know. Shit the whole damn bunch was pretty wild and off the hook. Yet most made it out smelling pretty darn good, I think. And his weight is way down to almost young mans slim for Allen. After a surgery. Well it made my night to be able to reply to you on my family. I never got the support and backing by any of them after they all went there own ways with the life of racing for whatever reasons they were acting on. But it burns in my blood and soul everyday of my life, just hoping maybe that chance will be mine that day to strap on the steely shoe. But the occasions I've had to ride in my life, the natural talent tears shit up!!! Yea Baby! If you ever have anymore enquires on a subject in that circle, hit me up... e-mail: livind007life@yahoo.com