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  1. emildev

    Drowned Bike!!!!!!!!!!

    I have drowned my CRF a couple of time; Dry the ignition CDI and Coils Drain tranny and engine/Take about 2-3 refills before oild gets clear Unless you compressed the water at high RPM valves should be fine Maybe the shop diddnt do such an good job....
  2. emildev

    Pre-printed backgrounds

    Hi All, Does anybody have a alectronic version of the backgrounds used on the 06 SM/TC 450's? I want to give them to a local (South Africa) shop to make me some pre-printed backgrounds. Regards, Emil
  3. emildev

    Learning maintenace on my bike

    THIS FORUM IS A JOKE!!!! Lets just rip each other apart and ignore the fact that not everybody was born with a bike in the same crib. Although I own a 05 CRF250R Im done with this forum
  4. emildev

    Renthal Bar Mounts and Fatbar problems

    Thanks all, Will use a botlle of the exstra strong loctide Regards, E
  5. emildev

    Renthal Bar Mounts and Fatbar problems

    No, Had to change to the fatbar mounts, the stock ones where 7/8's. The problem is with the cap screws on the top part of the mounts which clamps the bars together, not with the bots that lock the mounts to the tripple clamps. E
  6. emildev

    2006 SM450R Mods

    Hi All, Although the handling on this bike is brilliant it is seriously down on power compared to the rest of the pack. My current mods are a full Akropovic exhaust system and a STM slipper clutch, the rest are cosmetic. Any reccomendations for engine mods to get more power out of this motor? Cant seem to find anything for sale like cams and high compression pistons. Best regards, Emil
  7. Hi All, Anybody running Renthal Barmounts with a Renthal Fatbar on a CRF250R? After much waiting mine finally arrived, bolted it on and went riding. After about 3 hours of riding we went through a whoopy section and the next moment Im kissing the front fender. The bar mounts got loose , I though to myself that I would never make an mistake like this but anything is possible! Went Home, tightened them again. Two weeks later the same story!!! How do you get these bar mounts to stay tightened? Regards, Emil
  8. emildev

    crf 250 cam timing chain

    My Honda dealer recommended as often as you can afford. The reason behind it is that if the chain stretch ever so little you will change the timing and might damage the top end. I run 4 X 7 hours sessions changing oil and filters, on the 5th session I change the timing chain and restart counting (Trail riding). Also measure clearances with every oil change. Never had a days problem and already over 80 h on the engine, will probably rebuild piston and top-end on 90 h to ensure reliability. E
  9. emildev

    06 TE450 Adjustable bar clamp?

    Moved mine neutral (Renthal Clamp and Fatbar) to the bolt on a '06 SM450R and it completely upsetted the bike in the short and twistys. Moved it back by 5mm and it settled down. I think the std on the TE and SM is 10mm to the back. E
  10. emildev

    High Compression Piston for SM450

    Thanks Eric E-mailed them. Regards, Emil
  11. emildev

    High Compression Piston for SM450

    Hi, Had a look at fbf offerings, they do a 12.5, 12.9 is std on the 2006's. Im looking for a 13.1, any other ideas? Best regards, Emil
  12. Hi, Does anybody know of a manufacturer that makes an 13.X High Compression Pistion for a 2006 SM450? Regards, Emil
  13. emildev

    JD Needle Question

    Thanks Dave.
  14. emildev

    JD Needle Question

    Hi all, Does anybody know what is the closest Keihin needle to the JD Red (For Husky 450/510 2006). I want to enter this into his tool to see how it differs from stock (DVT). Regards, Emil
  15. emildev

    STM Slipper Clutch

    Hi All, My slipper Clutch for my 2006 SM450R finally arrived Just a question, it seems that that the clutch is for a 04/05 model part number 0F3MR260B110000. According to the instructions you must insert a supplied washer on the 05's. Does anybody know if this also applies to the 06's? Best regards, Emil