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    Any other mid 30s folks getting back into it?

    OK you talked me into it.I really feel like the old timer here.I started riding dirt @33yrs.My son and I raced MX and played in the dirt for about 9 years. We both took a 20 year break from dirt bikes.three months ago my son, now 37, bought a yzf450.He let me ride it and right away I was hooked(again).I followed suit by getting ayzf250.I took it to the local track and rode for 2 hrs. straight.I think I'm pretty fast. I'm actually pretty slow.I go ok in the straights and turns but jumps scare me to death.I'm now finding aches in places I did'nt know existed.I hope I can find a vets class for geezers.If you did the math you figured out I'm 60.I'm so glad to hear of so many older guys getting back into dirt riding.Wish I had done it sooner. ride good FLYGUY