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  1. My son took apart his 07 Kx250f carb. Now the bike won't even fire. I don't know where to start.
  2. oldognewtrik

    KXF 250 won't start

    I had a thought. Could the change in gaskets require a valve adjustment?
  3. oldognewtrik

    KXF 250 won't start

    It is a 2009 KX250F New head gaskets and new coolant pump. The bike sat for about a month and a half. It's getting spark on the compression stroke, the spark looks weak to me. Before these minor repairs, the bike ran good. Started on the second kick. Now it won't even fire, at all. I checked to confirm that the timing chain didn't jump teeth on the cams. The spark plug shows signs of fuel, yet it won't fire even with a little starter fluid. The cams are at 10 and 2 with 12 post between the top dots. I'm baffled.
  4. The bike won't even try to start. Timing is spot on TDC. Getting spark on the compression stroke. It wouldn't even fire with a squirt of starter fluid. We replaced the head gaskets and installed a new coolant pump. I don't know what to try next. Maybe sacrifice a chicken and an exorcism.
  5. oldognewtrik

    seized piston

    i have a 2007 kx250f and when i was riding at the track my timing chain slipped. My piston is seized down inside my cylinder and i can not figure out a way to get the piston out without damaging the cylinder. it wont move at all even with all my wight on the kickstart it wont move. is it possible to remove the piston without causing damage to the cylinder?
  6. oldognewtrik

    kx250f overflow

    My son's 07 kx250f has a problem. It started over heating. I rebuilt the water pump. It started something new. When you start the bike, It start pushing coolant out the overflow. I'm talking, it dumps coolant out til half of it is gone. The bike is not hot. I bought a new radiator and it does the same thing. I'm at a loss. I've tuned the bike and it runs great, but this has me baffled.
  7. oldognewtrik

    Need specs for 05 RMZ450 valves

    I am far from home and a manual for my 05 RMZ450. the valve buckets and shims are out. and a mishap involving a large dog scattered shims and buckets everywhere. I didn't didn't record the clearence and shim size before hand. Now I'm lost. Does anyone have the stock clearence or approximate shim size for this bike. I'm pulling my hair out.
  8. oldognewtrik

    05 RMZ450 coolant on the piston

    I did see any damage or evidence that the gaskets were leaking. I'l give the head an exam for cracks. Didn't think of that. Thanks
  9. oldognewtrik

    05 RMZ450 coolant on the piston

    I have an 05 RMZ 450 and it was running fine. A week later it would not start. I checked all the usual culprits and finally found a half inch of coolant on top of my piston. I bought a new head gasket and oil/coolant pump gasket. I'm guessing it's one of the two but I'm aprehensive about putting it all back together and find I've missed the real cause. Is there any other way to get water on top of the piston. any thoughts
  10. oldognewtrik

    timing chain problems

    I have a 2005 rmz 450 and i noticed one day it wouldnt start so i boke it open to find the timing chain was incredibly loose and was jumping teeth on the cams so i went through put it back on tdc and tightened the chain put it all back together kicked it once and heard the chain loosen and slip on the cams again why is it that the chain isn't staying tight and how do i fix it?
  11. I have a KX250 07. I just bought it and was told it is stock. I found the air fuel mixture set at 1.5 turns. It popped badly. I turned it out to 2.5 turns and popping problem solved. Now it has a bad hesitation when I dump the throttle. It is so bad that it dies when I come out of the burms. Could this be the throttle needle clip set to high? Do you know where it is set from the factory?
  12. oldognewtrik

    popping kx250

    I just bought a KX250 07. It has been sitting for a long time. Very low hours on it. It pops badly on the de-celleration. and the Idle sticks high. I thought that if I got it out and ran it hard it would clean up. It starts very easily and runs great otherwise.
  13. I have an 05 450x. I ride in the Arizona desert. I have cut the air box, installed a Boysen QS2, JD jetting with a 170 main. (don't know the pilot jet size) Pulled the baffle and the bike runs great. I recently installed an FMF power bomb and exhuast. The header gets hot. REAL hot. It glows after about a minute and a half at idle. I also installed a fuel adjusting screw. Can I solve this problem with the fuel screw, or do I need to re-jet?
  14. oldognewtrik

    Slow throttle response

    Out of the gate the bike does fine because he can get the R's up, but out of corners and picking our way through a desert race is where we notice the problem. Yes, once it revs up the bike hauls but.
  15. oldognewtrik

    Slow throttle response

    Maybe I'm just spoiled from my 450, but my bike starts to pull hard from the very bottom and quickly, smoothly revs up. My boy's bike starts out kind of doggin and dose'nt rev up very quick.